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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Poland,   pp. 525-563 PDF (14.2 MB)

Page 538

  Embassy does not recommend acceptance or rejection but is con-
vinced this is best offer forthcoming and there is nothing which
indicates it will be raised.
86oC.51/1129a: Telegram
   The Secretary of State to the Charge in Poland (Johnson)
                              WASHINGTON, March 5, 1937-1 P. m.
  19. Department confidentially informed that British Government
is informing the Polish Government that they consider that it could
and should maintain full service of all tranches of the Stabilization
Loan and that if reductions were made on the sterling tranche the
British Government would take steps to protect British holders of
sterling bonds.
  Please verify and ascertain the attitude of the Polish Government,
in view particularly of its commitments under the offer to the Ameri-
can bondholders announced February 24.
860C.51/1132: Telegram
   The Charge in Poland (Johnson) to the Secretary of State
                                  WARSAW, March 8,1937-6 p. m.
                                            [Received 7:47 p. m.]
  34. Your telegram No. 19, March 5. My telegram No. 33, March
7.22 Informed at Ministry of Foreign Affairs that in spite of British
pressure commitment will be lived up to. Coupons sterling issue
due April 15 will be paid in full but as regards other coupons Polish
proposal to British [is] identic with proposal made American bond-
holders. Confirmed this information Ministry of Finance.
860C.51/1204: Telegram
  The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Poland (Biddle)
                         WASHINGTON, September 18, 1937-1 p. m.
  67. Your despatch No. 146, August 23, 1937.22 The Department
has made an oral statement to the Polish Charge d'Affaires here refer-
ring to the commitment concerning non-discrimination in the an-
nouncement of February 24, 1937, to the assurance reported in Embas-
22 Not printed.

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