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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

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ations. Mr. Sayre added that this Government would be very glad,
however, to consider the problem as a separate matter if the Norwe-
gian Government so desired. Dr. Koht stated that the sales policy of
an international match cartel in which Norwegian producers partici-
pated is an important factor in the situation and that it is not certain
that this subject is one which should be considered officially by the
two Governments.
    Memorandum by Mr. John C. Ross of the Division of Trade
                                  [WASHINGTON,] October 28,1937.
  During the conversation on October 28, 1937, between Dr. Koht,
Foreign Minister of Norway, and Mr. Sayre, on the subject of the
possibility of a trade agreement between Norway and the United
States, Dr. Koht referred to the position of countries like Norway in
relation to countries like Germany and Italy. He stated that his
country found itself in the unfortunate position of being between two
mill stones and that it was forced to follow a policy in its commercial
relations with such countries which is contrary to Norway's general
commercial policy. In this connection, Dr. Koht mentioned in strict
confidence that very recently Germany had made overtures to the Nor-
wegian Government with a view to adhering to the Oslo Convention.
611.573 Whale 011/230
     Memorandum by the Assistant Secretary of State (Sayre)
                                 [WASHINGTON,] October 30, 1937.
  Dr. Koht, accompanied by Mr. Morgenstierne, came in to see me
for a few minutes this morning. He left with me the accompanying
memorandum 10 concerning the whaling industry which he said had
been prepared by Professor Bergersen, the President of the Whaling
Council. Dr. Koht said that he is much concerned about the danger
of extermination of whales.
  The main object of his visit was to ask clarification concerning our
position with respect to whale oil in a possible Norwegian trade agree-
ment. He said that he had always understood that we would be will-
ing to reduce the duty on whale oil by 50 per cent, and that the position
which I took in our conversation the other day-of granting a reduc-
tion on whale oil only to the extent necessary in order to put whale
1' Not printed.

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