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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Lithuania,   pp. 507-516 PDF (3.7 MB)

Page 508

should have at least equal treatment with that accorded to other
  I expressed my understanding that Germany had made representa-
tions under cover of its trade agreement with Lithuania of 1936 " to
secure for German automobile manufacturers virtually the entire
Lithuanian automobile market.
  Emphasizing that I was speaking personally and not under instruc-
tions, I said that I was broaching this matter to the Minister for For-
eign Affairs, so that he might make an investigation and take such
steps as to avoid creating what would in effect be an unfair discrimina-
tion against American interests. I added that in my opinion many
unpleasant situations might be avoided in diplomacy if the subject
were discussed personally and informally, before the situation became
acute. Then if the facts justified it, measures might be taken to obviate
the necessity of making formal diplomatic representations.
  The Minister for Foreign Affairs said that he would take up the
matter immediately with the Minister of Finance and ascertain the
facts and then discuss the matter with the Charg6 d'Affaires, Mr.
Kuykendall. I am sending a copy of this despatch to Mr. Kuykendall
with the request that he supplement it with any further information
which may come to his attention.
  Respectfully yours,                        ARTHUR BLIss LANB
    The Secretary of State to the Mini8ter in Lithuania (Lane)
No. 103                               WASmNGTON, April 13, 1937.
  SIR: The Department has received and read with much interest your
despatch No. 427, March 2,1937, in which you report your conversation
on February 18,1937, with the Lithuanian Minister for Foreign Affairs
with regard to the quota in Lithuania for American motor cars.
The Department has noted with gratification and approval your
alertness in following developments likely to affect American trade
and the effort made by you to obtain for that trade an equitable share
in the Lithuanian market. It is hoped that your conversation with the
Minister will have the effect it was designed to produce.
  In connection with the treatment accorded to American trade in
Lithuania, it should be borne in mind that the concessions granted by
the United States to other countries in agreements concluded under
the Trade Agreements program are at present generalized to Lithu-
ania. Generalization of these concessions will continue provided that
Lithuania does not discriminate against American trade. Should,
' Signed August 5, 1936; Reichsge8etzblatt, Jahrgang 1936, Teil II, p. 248.

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