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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

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we are -watching with interest -the further developments you -may
  The lawyer for Hirsch's relatives here called at the Department
today and expressed appreciation on the part of the family for the
action taken in behalf of Hirsch. We might add confidentially that
the lawyer stated that he has an idea that Hirsch is a fanatical ideal-
ist. You might consider the expediency ofsuggesting an examina-
tion of Hirsch to determine whether he is in -a normal state of mind.
The lawyer stated that he could give assurances that Hirsch's family
and friends here are doing all they can to prevent the case from being
made a cause for public clamor. There have been so far no instances
of any undue exaggeration here of the reports of developments in
connection with the case.
  I took occasion yesterday to convey to the German Embassy here
an explanation of the reason for the delay in our entering the case
caused by the necessity for a thorough investigation here and abroad
of the complicated circumstances surrounding the question of Ameri-
can citizenship involved and expressed the hope that no further action
would be taken by the German authorities until we had had an oppor-
tunity to obtain all the facts in the matter, that you were being
instructed to support the plea for clemency presented by Hirsch's
counsel and the hope that the German Ambassador would feel dis-
posed also to support this plea with his own Government. I desire
you to support to the fullest extent you properly may the plea for
clemency presented by Hirsch's counsel.
862.1121 Hirsch, Helmut/19: Telegram
  The Ambassador in Germany (Dodd) to the Secretary of State
                                   BERLIN, April 27, 1937-5 p. m.
                                   [Received April 27-1: 10 p. m.]
  89. Our 85, April 26, 3 p. m., and Department's 38, April 26, 5
p. m. Following up our note to the Foreign Office we discussed the
matter with them again this morning bringing to their attention
Hirsch's excellent past record, the fact that he was not a Communist
and that there was every indication of his being strongly influenced
by agitators in Praha to the point of being their tool. Meanwhile
the Consulate General at our instance is taking similar steps with the
Ministry of Justice.
  The Foreign Office as. always evidences a sympathetic and helpful
attitude. We noted, however, a pessimistic impression this morning
on their learning from the German Embassy at Washington that

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