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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

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862.00 P.R./228
Extract From Political Report of the Charge in Germany (Gilbert)'2
  3. The Anti-Jewish Campaign. Though unattended by spectacular
developments, the anti-Semitic campaign is being perpetuated by the
infliction of petty annoyances upon the Jews and by measures designed
to make their lives as difficult as possible.
  The Vilkischer Beobachter of August 19 gleefully reported the de-
cision of a local court at Remscheid which held that a husband cannot
be held legally responsible for the debts of his wife to Jewish stores.
The hope is expressed that this judgment will discourage Jews from
granting credit and will put a stop to wives buying in Jewish stores,
a matter, it is pointed out, which often leads to marital strife. The
Valkischer Beobachter stresses that the court decision applied to the
case of the household of an ordinary citizen and not to the family
of a Party member or government official which ipso facto are for-
bidden to patronize Jews.
  The Berliner Bdrsenzeitung of September 1 reported that the Na-
tional Socialist Lawyers League had completed its "world catalog"
of Aryan lawyers in foreign countries. German business men were
exhorted to consult this list in order to bring to an end the representa-
tion of German interests abroad by Jewish advocates. The Berliner
Tageblatt of September 3 reported that on the basis of a decision
given by the Fiihrer's Deputy and the Minister of the Interior, the
National Socialist Lawyers League will proceed to exclude from its
membership all lawyers who have a quarter or more Jewish blood. It
is explained that the special permission of the FUhrer's Deputy and
the Minister of the Interior was necessary for this ruling in view of
the provision in the executory ordinances to the Nuremberg Citizen-
ship Law of 1935 prohibiting various associations and organizations
to set up stricter requirements for racial purity than those provided
in the Citizenship Law itself which disqualified as Jews persons hav-
ing three or more Jewish grandparents. It does not appear that
expulsion from the Nazi Lawyers League will exclude the cross-breed
Jewish lawyers from practicing at the bar but it will unquestionably
deprive them of the privileges attaching to membership in the legal
professional organization. The drive against the Jewish lawyers
was carried a step further in the announcement in the press of the
same date that German legal apprentices who worked in Jewish law
offices would be disqualified from taking the regular bar examinations.
12Transmitted to the Department by the Charge in his despatch No. 3636,
September 4; received September 21.

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