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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

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in Article 9 (1) of the law of 1927; that therefore the ten-year period
referred to therein does not commence to run for him so long as his
delinquency continues; and that he can not lose French nationality
until he is fifty-three years of age, at which time military defaulters
may return to France without encountering difficulties.
  It also appears from the note that the ten-year period in question
does not begin to expire for a person who may have been omitted from
the recruiting lists (presumably through error or fraud), until such
omission has been rectified, since neither induction into the army nor
exemption from service can take place as long as the omission lasts.
  Respectfully yours,                           EDWIN C. WILSON
   The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France (BIhllitt)
No. 422                             WASHINGTON, August 18,1937.
  SIR: The Department has received from your office despatches Nos.
166 of December 2, 1936,54 243 of December 30, 1936,15 345 of February
10, 1937, and 422 of March 6, 1937, setting forth the results of your
efforts to clarify certain provisions of the French Nationality Law
and containing new information as to the French military service re-
quirements. Prior to the receipt of the last two despatches above-
mentioned the Department had revised Paragraph No. 48 covering the
French military service requirements in the Notice to Bearers of
Passports, and such revision was contained in the edition of Febru-
ary 1, 1937. Two copies of the pamphlet just mentioned are enclosed
herewith. A call has recently been made at the Department by Mr.
Eslinger who it is understood for a time handled military service mat-
ters at your Embassy and the matter of the French military service
requirements was orally discussed with him. A further revision of
Paragraph 48 of the pamphlet has been made in the light of such dis-
cussion and of the above-mentioned despatches of February 10, 1937,
and March 6, 1937, for possible use in the next reprint of the booklet.
A copy of the proposed new Paragraph is enclosed.
  The Department understands that the decree of October 30, 1935,
applies to persons who reach the French military service age after the
effective date of the decree, that is, October 31, 1935, but not to persons
who reached the military service age before that date. It would appear
that the latter persons, unless for some reason they should be speci-
ally exempted from military service, would become liable for such
service automatically, regardless of the place of their residence. In
4 Foreign Relation8, 1936, vol. a, p. 134.
v-Ibid., p. 137.

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