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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

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also to obtain a ruling on the Department's inquiry contained in the
penultimate sentence of its 475, November 23, 7 p. m., 1936.33
  The Foreign Office has given oral assurances which it has proposed
later to embody in a letter to the effect that if we find that smuggling
has increased under the proposed decree it will be prepared to urge
additional modification upon the Ministry of Colonies. Foreign Office
feels, however, that the Ministry of Colonies has ample power to
restrict importations to normal requirements and that it will do so.
Foreign Office was requested to withhold its reply to Colonies until we
could communicate with the Department and it has promised to do so.
  When Bonnet 34 called on me the other day he asked if there were
any unsettled questions which we had up with the French Govern-
ment as he desired to straighten out any difficulties which might exist
before he leaves for Washington. I told him of this matter and of
the importance which we attach to preventing smuggling from St.
Pierre-Miquelon. He said that he would take the matter up and try
to prevent the abrogation of the decree of April 9, 1935.
811.114 St. Plerre-Miquelon/454: Telegram
    The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France (Bullitt)
                            WASHINGTON, February 5, 1937-7 p. m.
  67. Your No. 132, January 30, 2 p. m. Since "alcool de traite"
parently means ethyl alcohol of type commonly handled in bulk and
similar to that which has in past been shipped from St. Pierre, could
not second decree be changed to read "The decree of April 9, 1935,
governing the exportation of alcohol from the Islands of St. Pierre-
Miquelon is abrogated except insofar as concerns the exportation of
'alcool de traite', ["] provided our understanding of "alcool de
is correct? This would include alcohol now in warehouses and would
not affect shipments of alcoholic beverages such as those mentioned
your telegram No. 1194, December 4, 5 p. M.33 We presume you have
explained to French authorities distinction we make between straight
alcohol and alcoholic beverages. Since there is probably very little
legitimate trade in straight or raw alcohol at St. Pierre it does not seem
unreasonable to insist that exportation of this commodity be pro-
hibited or that it be exported only in compliance with provisions of
present decree. If French cannot agree to either, importation should
  3a Foreign Relations, 1936, vol. i, p. 434.
  ' Georges Bonnet, appointed French Arnbassador to the United States.

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