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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

France,   pp. 275-318 PDF (16.0 MB)

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Monnet 7 has all the necessary authority to make adequate arrange-
  I appreciate that you have done everything that you could possibly
do in this matter and that you have lost no occasion to keep these ques-
tions before the French Government. Yet in view of two French
devaluations and of France's failure to make suitable arrangements
for the fruit quotas to be filled, the pressure on the Department from
our fruit exporters is mounting and a most regrettable situation may
develop unless you can persuade the French to remedy matters before
the shipping season begins on the West Coast.
611.5131/1733: Telegram
   The Amba-mador in France (Bullitt) to the Secretary of State
                                       PARIS, July 27, 1937-9 p. m.
                                   [Received July 27-7: 35 p. m.]
  1062. Reference your 354, July 20, 1 p. m. We had a conference
with the Minister of Agriculture yesterday afternoon which we regard
as anything but satisfactory.
  In the first place the study which he had assured us on July 7 (see
our 936 July 7, 9 [10] p. m.8) would be made immediately as to the
proportion in which old importers and national groups had utilized
their licenses for real imports has not been completed. The only
figures available and these are incomplete are for the last quarter of
1936. These figures purport to show that while only 65 per cent
of the total licenses issued for the quarter had been utilized practically
all the national groups had utilized fully their licenses. The Minister
stated that he would have this study actively pursued and would
advise us as soon as it had been completed. The Minister also stated
that he intended to have a meeting personally within the next few days
with representatives of the national groups in order to obtain from
them exact information as to the manner in which they used their
licenses. We pointed out that the value of information received
from these sources would be doubtful since obviously they would
desire in order to protect their position regarding licenses to present
their case in the most favorable possible light.
  During this discussion the Minister again mentioned the possi-
bility of turning over the distribution of licenses to the Government
of the United States or to some properly qualified organization ap-
proved by the two Governments (see our 358, March 13, 1 p. m.8).
  7French Minister of Agriculture.
  Not printed.

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