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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Estonia,   pp. 259-274 PDF (5.6 MB)

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appear to provide a basis for an agreement between the two countries
embodying tariff concessions, but that it hopes that its position in
this regard will not be interpreted as indicating any lack of appre-
ciation of the difficulties inherent in the circumstances in which
Estonia finds itself. You should make it clear that your Government
shares the Estonian Government's desire to increase commerce between
the two countries and is hopeful that notwithstanding these difficulties
a basis may be found for bringing about an augmentation of Ameri-
can-Estonian trade.
  You should state further that should the Estonian Government find
it possible to include in an agreement guarantees of substantially non-
discriminatory treatment for American trade, the United States Gov-
ernment would be disposed to consider the negotiation of a limited
trade agreement containing concessions on some of the items in which
the Estonian Government has expressed an interest and of which
Estonia is an important, even though not a first supplier. Should the
Minister ask you what commodities this Government has in mind, you
may reply that while you have not been furnished with a list of the
commodities which your Government considers as constituting a pos-
sible basis for discussion, you believe that from material which has
been furnished you, it seems likely that potato alcohol and vodka are
  It is hoped that you will be able to make arrangements for a dis-
cussion of the matter, after you have seen the Minister, with -Mr.
Edward Wirgo, Director of the Foreign Trade Bureau of the Es-
tonian Foreign Office, along the lines of your conversation with the
  Please report fully the result of your conversations with both offi-
cials and inform the Department promptly of any information you
may obtain which would indicate the treatment that the Estonian
Government intends to accord to American trade subsequent to May
22, 1937.
  Very truly yours,                    For the Secretary of State:
                                                FRANCIS B. SAYRA
  Draft of a Note to the Estonian Minister for Foreign Affairs
  My Government has given careful study to the note of the Estonian
Government dated December 20, 1935, containing proposals with re-
gard to revision of the Treaty of Friendship, Commerce, and Con-
sular Rights between the United States and Estonia. It desires to ex-
press its appreciation of the frankness with which the Estonian Gov-
ernment has set forth the considerations which influence the formu-

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