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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Czechoslovakia,   pp. 238-258 PDF (7.3 MB)

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interest to Czechoslovakia. The American Government in its request
of the Czechoslovak Government has proposed the suppression of
quantitative restrictions on a limited number of articles imported into
Czechoslovakia. Without such suppression, it will not be possible for
trade to develop naturally, nor for products of particular interest to
the United States to be imported into Czechoslovakia on a basis com-
parable to that on which all Czechoslovak products are permitted to
be imported into the United States. That such a request would be^
made was indicated in the memorandum which accompanied the pre-
liminary American request list which was submitted in August. The
American Government does not request that the Czechoslovak Gov-
ernment make this change in its entire system of trade-control, but
the American Government does feel justified in requesting that with
respect to the very limited number of products indicated in its pro-
posals the Czechoslovak Government will eliminate quantitative re-
strictions and thus take a small step in the direction of returning trade
to normal competitive channels. In return for such a step on the part
of the Czechoslovak Government the Government of the United States
has offered and is prepared to give substantial benefits in the American
market to Czechoslovak exports.
  WASHINGTON, December 11, 1937.
611.60F1/530a: Telegram
  The Secretary of State to the Minister in Czechodlovakia (Carr)
                           WASHINGTON, December 12, 1937-4 p. m.
  49. Our list of requests for concessions by Czechoslovakia in the
proposed trade agreement was presented to the Czechoslovak delega-
tion last Thursday.2' We have asked for suppression of import permit
requirements and quantitative limitations on the items appearing on
our list. Many of these are already free from such restriction or limi-
tation. In spite of the fact that the memorandum which accompanied
our preliminary request list of last August 22 stated that requests for
suppression of quantitative restrictions on certain products would be
made the Czechoslovak delegation has expressed complete surprise
at our requests as now presented and states that it is not authorized
to negotiate on that basis. We have asked that the delegation put the
matter before the Czechoslovak government for consideration and
  The Czechoslovak delegation has taken the position that because of:
the restrictive systems maintained by other European countries Czech-
  ' December 9.
  22 Not found in Department files.

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