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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Czechoslovakia,   pp. 238-258 PDF (7.3 MB)

Page 243

We stated that the Czechoslovak Govermnent must be aware of the
general provisions which have been in-cluded in our other trade agree-
ments and that similar provisions would have to be included in a
trade agreement with Czechoslovakia.
  In regard to the Danubian preference question we stated that all
that seemed to us to be necessary prior to making public announce-
ment was acceptance by Czechoslovakia of the broad principles laid
,down in our aide-mnemoire of November 27, 193a, the chief of which
was that preferences accorded to Danubian countries should be speci-
fied and limited. The amount of preferences to be accorded would be
a subject of negotiation. We stated that a reply merely accepting the
,above-mentioned principles as a basis for discussion would be adequate
-from our standpoint.
  We explained that the reasons for not attempting to work out the
provisions of the agreement in any detail prior to announcement of
negotiations are (1) the desirability of launching these negotiations
before our program of negotiations with other countries becomes too
crowded and (2) the undesirability from a domestic standpoint of
proceeding too far with the negotiations in advance of public an-
nouncement. We also pointed out that the modus vivendi is only tem-
porary and if we allow matters to drift too long without placing our
relations on a more satisfactory basis we are likely to encounter
increasing criticism in this country.
  Please convey the sense of the above to the Czechoslovak authorities
and attempt to elicit from them a satisfactory answer to our aides-
vwmoire of November 27,1935 and March 27,1937.
611.60F81/194: Telegram
The Minister in Czechoslovakia (Wright) to the Secretary of State
                                     PRAHA, April 14, 1937-5 p. m.
                                   [Received April 14-2: 40 p. m.]
  22. Substance of your 9, April 12, 7 p. m., communicated on 13th
instant to Stangler supported by aide-ne'moire. He informed me
orally that the wording of the aide-Wnumoire of Foreign Office of April
7, while perhaps not as exactly worded as it might have been was
intended to convey willingness to define and limit the preferences it
may wish to reserve the right to accord in derogation of most favored
nation treatment, using as a basis for discussion the principles enu-
merated in the aide-memoire of November 27,1935, within the mean-
ing and intent of that sentence of the aforesaid aide-ae'moire reading
"such comment as the Czechoslovak Government may offer in refer-

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