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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Czechoslovakia,   pp. 238-258 PDF (7.3 MB)

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611.60F31/18T: Telegram
The Minister in Czechoslovakia (Wright) to the Secretary of State
                                   PRAHA, April 8, 1937-11 a. m.
                                   [Received April 8-9: 10 a. in.]
  19. My 16, March 30, 4 p. m., and 17, April 1, 4 p. m. Aide-mrnernoire
from Foreign Office dated April 7 states that this Government is "dis-
posed to proceed with the negotiations for a reciprocal trade agree-
ment with the Government of the United States". It has taken note
of our procedure in such negotiations and is of the opinion that even
before formal announcement of intention to negotiate it might be pos-
sible "to deal with the wording of the treaty and chiefly its stipula-
tions concerning the preferential treatment in regard to the Danube
countries as well as other general provisions of the treaty". It will
therefore shortly submit "a proposal for an arrangement of the said
Danube preferential system as originally mentioned in the aide-r"mM-
oire dated March 30 [27], 1937". As regards wording it is willing
to accept text of such other trade agreements which "both in regard
to the customs tariff questions and import license system might be
best suitable to the economic conditions prevailing in Central Eu-
rope". Czech Legation will be telegraphically informed. Text by
  I still believe that information suggested in my 17 will facilitate
preparatory study here.
611.6OF31/191: Telegram
The Secretary of State to the Minister in Czechoslovakia (Wright)
                               WASHINGTON, April 12,1937-7 p. m.
  9. Your 17, April 1, 4 p. m., and 19, April 8, 11 a. m. Most of the
general provisions which we shall propose for negotiation are iden-
tical with those found in trade agreements already concluded, copies
of which the Czechoslovak Government doubtless has. A few stand-
ard articles such as that relating to exchange have recently been
revised. Sets of standard provisions will be forwarded to you at an
early date and furnished at the appropriate time to the Czechoslovak
Legation here.
  On April 9 we informed the Czechoslovak Charge d'Affaires that
it is not desirable at this stage to attempt to work out in detail the
language of the general provisions but only to arrive at an under-
standing of the general principles which will govern the negotiations.
l Not printed.

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