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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

New Zealand,   pp. 203-217 ff. PDF (5.5 MB)

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611.62M31/104: Telegram
    The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Bingham) to the
                        Secretary of State
                                  LONDON, April 19, 1937-5 p. m.
                                [Received April 19-12: 55 p. m.]
  226. Your 106, March 26, 7 p. m. The following points emerged
with some insistence from conversation at the Foreign Office on the
line of the Department's instruction:
  (1) The issue is one between the United States and "His Majesty's
Government in New Zealand".
  (2) The stand of the New Zealand Government is undoubtedly
taken on the ground of tacit abrogation of the treaty provisions.
  (3) London does not admit responsibility for the action of the
New Zealand Government.
  (4) The basis for the New Zealand Government's stand is fully set
forth in the note of June 3, 1936, (my despatch No. 2242 June 5,
1936 8b)
  The opening sentence, paragraph 3 of my 153 March 18, 3 p. im., "In
the British view the whole question resolves itself to whether or not
His Majesty is fulfilling international obligations in Western Samoa"
is not to be interpreted as meaning His Majesty's Government in
Great Britain. The reference is to His Majesty as the sovereign repre-
sented by Government in New Zealand.
  I expect to have an early opportunity for further discussion of
this matter with the Foreign Office and have requested that at the
next meeting the Legal Adviser who has been handling the matter
may be present.
611.62M31/104: Telegram
The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom
                              WASHINGTON, April 22, 1937-1 p. ni.
  145. Your 226, April 19, 5 p. m. Department appreciates interim
information and commends continued vigorous presentation of this
Government's position, particularly the responsibility of His Majesty
to fulfil British international obligations in Western Samoa.
 Sb Foreign Relations, 1936, vol. I, p. 852.

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