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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

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Memoranduml of Conversation, by the Ass~itant Secretary of State
                                WASHINGTON, November 16, 1937.
Participants: Mr. Chalkley of the British Embassy,
              Mr. Stirling of the British Board of Trade, and
              Mr. Sayre, Mr. Hawkins, and Mr. Hickerson.
  This afternoon Mr. Chalkley of the British Embassy, and Mr. Stir-
ling of the British Board of Trade, came to see me concerning the
memorandum handed to the British Ambassador this morning. (See
memorandum of conversation between Sir Ronald Lindsay, the Secre-
tary, and myself of today's date.) They were somewhat concerned
lest the memorandum might require the British Cabinet to approach
all of the Dominions afresh in order to satisfy the "assumption"
the United States Government as expressed at the top of page 2 of
the memorandum. After some discussion, I informed Mr. Chalkley
that it was definitely not the expectation of the United States that the
British Dominions must be approached by the United Kingdom Gov-
ernment before sending an assent to the immediate announcement of
contemplated negotiations. I explained that clearly there could be
no trade agreement unless the proposals contained in the United King-
dom Government's memorandum of November fifth were made the
basis of negotiations and the concessions there outlined improved, and
that this would of course necessitate agreement on the part of the
Dominions. I added, however, that the obtaining of the consent of the
Dominions might come after the announcement of contemplated nego-
tiations, i. e., during the course of the definitive negotiations.
                                                    F. B. SAYM
Menorandum by the Chief of the Division of Trade Agreemrents
                              [WASHINGTON,] November 17, 1937.
      Conversation: The Honorable Sir Ronald Lindsay;
                     Mr. Francis B. Sayre;
                     Mr. Harry C. Hawkins.
  Sir Ronald called at 5: 15 p. m. today and submitted the following
text of an announcement which, if agreeable to us, would be made in
the House of Commons tomorrow (November 18). He did not men-
tion the possibility of announcement being made on Friday or at any
later date.

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