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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. General

Statement on fundamental principles of international policy by the Secretary of State, July 16, 1937, and comments of foreign governments,   pp. 697-802 PDF (39.3 MB)

Page 790

  Senior Giral stated that he was gratified by the Department's mes-
sage, as he had been puzzled and disturbed by the apparent failure to
include Spain among the Governments invited to comment on the
Secretary's statement-the text of which had been furnished him by
the Spanish Ambassador at Paris. He had, in fact, instructed Am-
bassador de los Rios37 to make inquiries on this point at the Depart-
ment, where he had been assured that the omission of Spain had
been the result of an oversight.
  [Here follow comments in the Spanish press with respect to the
American statement of July 16.]
  Respectfully yours,                       WALTER C. THURSTON
  The Spanish Minister of State (Giral) to the American Charge
  The Government of the Republic has examined with the greatest
interest the statement of the Secretary of State, Mr. Hull, whose
appeal in favor of international peace meets with the most lively
sympathy of the Spanish democracy.
  The Spanish Republic remains faithful to the principles written
into its Constitution of 1931, by virtue of which "Spain renounces
war as an instrument of national policy", "complies with the uni-
versal rules of international law", and incorporates into its laws the
principles of the pact of the League of Nations.
  The Government of the Republic has never deviated from the
course indicated by its Constitution, which permits it to point to a
complete coincidence, both in doctrine and in practice, with the prin-
ciples defended by Mr. Hull in his statement which, under present cir-
cumstances when the Spanish people are the victims of a foreign in-
vasion and suffer the sorrow of a war in defense of their independence,
has a singular importance and inspires a gratifying hope for the
reestablishment of peace and law among the nations.
  The Spanish Government declares, in consequence, that it is dis-
posed to collaborate in the common task of the organization of peace,
in conformity with the terms indicated with such high authority by
Mr. Hull.
                                                      JOSE GIRAL
  VALENCIA, August 13, 1937.
  ' Spanish Ambassador in the United States.

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