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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. General

Statement on fundamental principles of international policy by the Secretary of State, July 16, 1937, and comments of foreign governments,   pp. 697-802 PDF (39.3 MB)

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consideration to the principles and views set forth therein for the
maintenance of the peace of the world and service to humanity at
large. The Royal Government is in full accord with the preamble of
Mr. Cordell Hull's statement that universal peace is a right to be
enjoyed by all the nations of the world and that regional disturbances
or frictions wherever they may take place will inevitably lead to eco-
nomic and political difficulties which will have far reaching effects on
the nations of the whole world. As such the consideration given by
the United States of America and other states, although far from the
centers of friction whether in the east or west, must be met with appre-
ciation and gratitude. The Royal Government of Iraq fully supports
the appeal made to the nations of the world for the maintenance of
universal peace by all legitimate means and advocated the principle
of abstinence from use of force in the pursuit of any policy whatso-
ever, by which principle it was actuated when it acceded to the Briand-
Kellogg Pact for the renunciation of war. It has likewise adhered at
all times to the principle of settling international disputes by peace-
ful processes and advocates faithful and strict observance of inter-
national agreements. It only believes in the modification of such
agreements when it is done in the spirit of mutual consent and col-
laboration. It also believes in respect for international law and
stands for its strengthening. It recognizes the principle of equality
among all nations and advocates the necessity for the reduction of
armament and ending the armament race which stands as an obstacle
in the way of economic progress and general prosperity and jeopard-
izes confidence and coo eration between the nations.
  As regards the avoidance of entering into alliances the Royal Gov-
ernment appreciates the views of the United States whose position is
peculiar in this matter. As for Iraq, it has already concluded a treaty
of alliance with the Arab states and with other oriental neighbors,
its motive always being the maintenance of friendly relations between
neighboring states and serving the cause of universal peace in sup-
port of the general principles and aims alluded to above."
711.00 Statement July 16, 1937/272
    The Charg4 in Spain (Thurston) to the Secretary of State
No. X-191                              VALENCIA, August 16, 1937.
                                          [Received September 4.]
  Sm: In confirmation of my telegram number 737, of August 14,
1937,36 I have the honor to transmit herewith a copy and a transla-
tion of the message from the Spanish Government endorsing the prin-
ciples advocated in the statement made by the Secretary of State, Mr.
Cordell Hull, on July 16, 1937.
  Upon the receipt August 13 of the Department's telegraphic in-
struction number 373, of August 12, I called at the Ministry of State
and informed Senfor Giral of its import. ...
INot printed.

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