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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1936. The American Republics

Mexico,   pp. 691-781 PDF (33.8 MB)

Page 692

  As against this petition Exce7sior of today's date gave prominence
to another petition from the hacendados in which they request the
Government to issue them the agrarian bonds in the amount to which
they would be entitled under the Agrarian Code,2 even though it
was recognized that these agrarian bonds might be of little value.
  Respectfully yours,                          R. HENRY NORWEB
  The Ambassador in Mexico (Daniels) to the Secretary of State
No. 3483                                  MEXICO, April 16, 1936.
                                             [Received April 22.]
  SIR: In my call on the Foreign Minister 8 today, I brought up the
matter of the dotation of lands belonging to American citizens and
the earnest desire of my government that the lands belonging to citi-
zens of the United States be not appropriated in the future and pay-
ment be arranged for lands already taken. I went over with him
the attempt that I had made for months to secure action on these
representations and discussed with him my various conversations with
former Ministers Portes Gil and Ceniceros, as well as with him since
he became Foreign Minister, and urged that his Government take up
the requests presented, and meet the reasonable representations of my
  The Minister requested me to send him an official letter embodying
the views I had presented, and said he would bring it to the attention
of the President and give me a reply before leaving the city. He
expects to go soon-in fact expected to go last week but postponed
his trip at the time of the expulsion of General Calles-and I hope
to secure a reply shortly to the note I sent him this afternoon. I am
enclosing a copy of my note No. 1582 of this date, which embraces
the subject matter I called to the attention of the Foreign Minister.
  Respectfully yours,                          JosErHurs DANIELS
  The American Ambassador (Daniels) to the Mexican Minister
                   for Foreign Affairs (Hay)
No. 1582                                  MExico, April 16, 1936.
  ExcEuzxmcY: I have the honor to refer to various conversations
with Mr. Portes Gil and with Mr. Ceniceros, when he was Acting
Minister for Foreign Affairs, and particularly to my conversation
2Mexico, Codigo Agrario de 108 E8tados Unidos Meamicanos (Mexico, 1934).
'Eduardo Hay.

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