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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1934. The American Republics

Colombia,   pp. 66-85 PDF (7.2 MB)

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respect of customs regulations or customs formalities on merchandise
arriving from the territory of the other country, a period of at least
sixty days will be granted the importer or other party in interest,
or the agent of either of them, in which an appeal may be taken
to an appropriate authority competent to review the matter: Pro-
vided, That in the case of merchandise liable to perish or to waste
or to become greatly reduced in value by keeping, or when the expense
of preserving the merchandise is out of proportion to the value thereof,
such merchandise may be sold, and the net proceeds obtained from such
sale shall be considered merchandise within the meaning of this
paragraph and shall be accorded all the privileges of appeal as
provided herein.
  Greater than nominal penalties will not be imposed in the United
States of America or the Republic of Colombia upon importations
of products or manufactures of the territory of the other country
because of errors in documentation obviously clerical in origin or where
good faith can be established.
  The Government of each country will accord sympathetic considera-
tion to such reasonable representations as the other Government may
make regarding the operation of customs regulations, the observance
of customs formalities, and the application of sanitary laws and regu-
lations for the protection of human, animal, or plant life.
                          ARTICE VIII
  Except as provided in Article VI the provisions of this Agreement
relating to the treatment to be accorded by the United States of
America and the Republic of Colombia, respectively, to the commerce
of the other country, shall not apply to the Philippine Islands, the
Virgin Islands, American Samoa, the Island of Guam, nor to the
Panama Canal Zone.
                           ARTICLE IX
  On and after the day on which this Agreement comes into force,
articles the growth, produce or manufacture of the United States
of America and articles the growth, produce or manufacture of the
Republic of Colombia previously imported into the other country
shall be subject to the provisions of this Agreement, if entry therefor
has not been made, or if they have been previously entered without
payment of duty and under bond for warehousing, transportation, or
any other purpose, and without any permit of delivery to the
importer or to his agent having been issued: Provided, That when
duties are based upon the weight of merchandise deposited in any
public or private warehouse, the said duties shall, except as may be
otherwise specially provided in the tariff laws of the respective coun-

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