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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1932. The Far East

List of persons,   pp. V-XXIII ff. PDF (6.5 MB)

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Hu HAN-MIN, Member, Standing Committee, Central Political Council, Kuomin-
   tang (Chinese Nationalist Party).
HUANG HSIN-SHENG, General, Chinese former chief of police activities, Mukden;
   Commander, 2d Cavalry Brigade, Kalgan.
HUANG KUANG-JUI, General, Chinese Director, Canton Aviation Bureau.
HUANG SHAO-HSIUNG, Chinese Minister of Interior.
HUANG, W. F., Chinese businessman- (Ekvall case).
HUBER, Max, Swiss Representative, League of Nations Assembly.
HUGHES, Charles Evans, Secretary of State, 1921-25; Chairman, Washington
    Conference, 1921-22; Chief Justice of Supreme Court, 1930-41.
HuNTER, Edward, correspondent in Manchuria, International News Service, New
HYAKUTAKE, Lieutenant Colonel Seikichi, Chief, Japanese military mission,
HYMANS, Paul, Belgian Minister for Foreign Affairs; President, Committeie
    Nineteen, League of Nations Assembly.
IGUCHI, Sadao, Japanese Consul at Shanghai.
II KAMON-NO-KAMI, Chief Minister, Japanese Shogunate (assassinated March
IKEDA, Sethin, Japanese Managing Director, Mitsui Bank.
IKKI, Dr. Kitokuro, Japanese Minister of Imperial Household.
INGRAM, E. M. B., Counselor of British Legation in China.
INOUYE, Dr. Junnosuke, former Japanese Minister of Finance.
INOUYE, Marquis Kaoru, Member of Japanese Cabinets and Minister for Foreign
    Affairs in Meiji era.
INOUYE, Nissho, Japanese priest.
INUKAI, Ki (Tsuyoshi), Japanese Head, Seiyukai; Prime Minister, December
    1931-May 15, 1932.
IsAACs, Harold R., American writer and publisher, Shanghai.
ISHII, Itaro, Japanese Consul General at Shanghai.
ISHII, Viscount Kikujiro, Japanese Minister for Foreign Affairs, 1915-16;
    Plenipotentiary to United States, 1917; Privy Councilor, 1929.
IsHEIMOTO, Gonshiro, Japanese Army Officer.
ISHIWARA (Ishihara), Lieutenant Colonel Tsunetaro, Japanese Kwantung Army,
ITAGAKI, Major General Seishiro, Japanese Kwantung Army, 1929-31; Personal
    Adviser to "Manchoukuo" Chief Executive Pu-yi; Chief, Japanese
    mission, Mukden, October.
ITo, Prince Hirobumi, Japanese Genro and Prime Minister of Meiji era (assassi-
    nated 1909).
JACOBS, Joseph E., Division of Far Eastern Affairs, Department of State.
JACQUINOT DE BESANGE, R., Roman Catholic priest, Church of the Sacred Heart,
    Shanghai; Major and Chaplain, Shanghai Volunteer Corps.
JENKINS, Douglas, Consul General at Hong Kong.
JOHNSON, Captain Isaac C., Jr., Naval Attache, Embassy in Japan.
JOHNSON, Nelson Trusler, Minister to China.
JONES, P. Grant, Assistant Judge, British Supreme Court in China.
JOSSELYN, Paul R., Consul at Shanghai.
JUNG CHEN, General, last Chinese Commander at Chinchow (Chinhsien).
KABAYAMA, Count Aisuke, Member, Japanese House of Peers.
KANAT, Chief, Foreign Affairs Section, Japanese Kwantung Government General.
KANAYA, General Hanzo, Chief, Japanese Army General Staff, to December 1931;
    Supreme War Councilor.

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