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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1922

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on the basis of the report of the Joint Commission, or such modifica-
tions as might be agreed upon, and I should be glad to be informed
whether the appropriate British and Canadian authorities are dis-
posed to undertake the negotiation of such a treaty.
Obviously much study would be required to frame a comprehen-
sive agreement to govern the joint operations of the Governments
of the United States and Canada with respect to the execution and
the financing of the proposed work. Appropriate preliminary
studies and investigations could probably be carried on by a joint
commission of experts designated by the two Governments and
charged with the framing of a projet of a treaty.
I venture further to suggest that, if it should not be deemed de-
sirable to formulate in the first instance a treaty embracing a com-
plete plan for the execution and the financing of the project, it
might be practicable to conclude a treaty, pledging the two Govern-
ments to undertake the execution of the project on the basis of the
recommendations submitted by the International Joint Commission,
or such modifications as may be agreed upon, and making provision
for a joint commission charged with the duty of formulating such
a complete plan, which should be subject to the approval of the two
Governments prior to the beginning of the work of construction.
I should be glad if you would take the necessary steps to obtain
and communicate to me the views of the appropriate British or
Canadian authorities with respect to the foregoing suggestions.
Accept [etc.]                        CHARLES E. HUGHES
711.42157 Sa 29/106
The British Ambassador (Geddes) to the Secretary of State 11
No. 431                          WASHINGTON, June 3, 1922.
SIR: With further reference to the note you were so good as to
address to me on May 17th, in regard to the St. Lawrence River
Improvement Scheme, I have the honour, at the request of the
Government of Canada, to inform you of the substance of an
approved Minute of the Privy Council for Canada respecting this
matter. The competent authorities of the Canadian Government
have advised the Governor General that they have not, up to the
present, had an opportunity to give to the report of the Interna-
tional Joint Commission, and the accompanying report of the Board
of Engineers appointed to examine the subject, that careful con-
sideration which their importance merits. Moreover, having regard
to the magnitude of the project and the large outlay of public money
involved, the Canadian Government is of opinion that it is not
considered expedient to deal with this matter at the present time.
I have [etc.]                              A. C. GEDDES
"1The British Embassy had informed the Department by telephone May 31
of the contents of this note.

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