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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1920

Haiti,   pp. 760-853 PDF (33.4 MB)

Page 788

The note delivered by the American Minister,23 in referring to
article 5 of the treaty of September 16, 1915, states that the American
Government " did not insist upon a strict compliance with the require-
inents of Article 5, but gave priority to the payment of the current
expenses of the, Government of Haiti over the payment of the amor-
tization and interest of the Haitian debt."
And further on: " The Government of the United States has there-
fore been obliged to take steps to provide for a strict observance of
the terms of Article 5 of the Treaty of September 16, 1915 until such
time as the, Haitian Government shall evidence its desire once more to
cooperate with the Treaty officials in the carrying out of the aims
and objects of the Treaty."
The Haitian Government must not make a secret of its inability
to see that an application of article 5 of the treaty of September 16,
1915, can be invoked with respect to the forcible withholding of the
salaries of members of the Government. The payment of those sal-
aries is made by virtue of a budget discussed with the Financial
Adviser and for which all the appropriations have been agreed upon
between that official and the Haitian Government; and that budget
has been in force without any difficulty for ten months.
The Haitian Government, much to its regret, can only consider the
suspension of payment of the salaries of the President of the Republic
and of other members of the Government as an unwarranted measure
of coercion intended to compel it to adopt financial and other schemes
which it regards as absolutely antagonistic to the recognized interests
of the Haitian people.
But after making this reservation the Haitian Government declares
that it also demands the strict enforcement of article 5 of the treaty
of September 16, 1915. The, receipts of the Republic of Haiti, -as
will be readily seen by the statements of receipts and expenditures
appended to this note,24 are actually sufficient to cover all Govern-
ment expenses as set forth in said article 5, including the payment of
Haitian officials and employees, although their salaries are the last
to be paid out of Haitian funds.
The Department writes that all measures taken in Haiti by its
agents are " in the interests and for the happiness of the Haitian
people." Ill informed as to the true situation in Haiti, it does not
see the bitter irony there is in that sentence for the Haitian people,
who will find it hard to believe that they are subjected to so many
annoyances and humiliations for their own good.
It is a matter of grievous sorrow to the Haitian Government that
all its grievances and complaints are rejected when it would be so
23 See telegram no. 64, Aug. 12, to the Minister in Haiti, p. 774.
'4 Not printed.

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