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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1920

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Reports from the Minister in Haiti and the Financial Adviser Charging
Failure of the Haitian Government to Observe the Terms of the Agreement
of August 24, 1918-Complaints by the Haitian Government Alleging Arbi-
trary Interference by the American Treaty Officials-Suspension of the
Salaries of the Haitian President and High Officers of State by Order
of the American Minister-Insistence by the United States upon Coopera-
tion in Legislation-Withdrawal of the Order Suspending Salaries
The Minister in Haiti (Bailly-Blcanchard) to the Secretary of State
No. 376                 PORT AU PRINCE, December 11, 1919.
[Received January 2, 1920.]
SIR: Referring to this Legation's cable of August 21-4 p.m.,2 and
in compliance with the Department's cable instruction of August 30-
2 p.m.,8 I have the honor to forward herewith copy and translation
of the agreement of August 24, 1918,4 between the Government of the
United States and the Government of Haiti regarding the submis-
sion by the Haitian Government to the Representative of the United
States to Haiti of all proposed legislation bearing upon any of the
objects of the Treaty for the information of the Government of the
United States and if necessary for discussion between the two (iov-
ernments prior to the enactment thereof, and to report that having
seen the promulgation in the official Gazette Le Moniteur of certain
laws which had been passed without their having been previously
communicated to this Legation, contrary to the above mentioned
agreement, I at once notified the Minister of Foreign Affairs in each
case that under the circumstances these laws would not be recognized
as law by my Government. I also advised the Treaty officials con-
cerned in order that they might act accordingly.
These Laws are:
Law on Pensions
" " Trade Marks
" Mines, Mining Concessions
"  Preparation of Primary School Teachers
Preparatory Manual Training
Duty on Automobiles, Trucks, etc.
" " Railroads and Tramways.
Continued from Foreign Relations, 1919, vol. iI, pp. 303-340.
2Ibid., p. 336.
8 See Tbid., p. 309, footnote 6.
4Ibid., p. 309; also quoted in full, post, pp. 778 and 784.

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