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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1919

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Saastamoinen, Armas Herman, Fin-
nish Minister to the United States.
See under Finland.
Salvador, earthquake in San Salvador:
account of damage, 801, 802-803,
804; American Red Cross, assist-
ance, 801, 802, 803-804, 805; U.S.
condolences, 801-802; U.S. citizens,
safety, 801
Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, Kingdom
of the. See Yugoslavia.
South Manchuria Railway Zone. See
under Japan.
Spain, extension of arbitration con-
vention of 1908 with United
States, 806-808
Supreme Blockade Council, resolutions
on reopening trade with former
enemy countries, 813
Supreme Economic Council, abolition
of trade restrictions on Bulgaria
and Turkey, 814
Supreme War Council, attitude toward
reopening of trade, 813 814
Tientsin incidents. See under Japan.
Trade, reopening of. See under Bul-
garia, Germany, Hungary, and
Anglo-Persian agreement (Aug. 9).
See under Persia.
U.S.-French convention of naviga-
tion and commerce of 1822,
modification, 228-233
U.S.-Haitian treaty of 1915, modi-
fication. See under Haiti.
U.S.-Italian arbitration convention
of 1908, extension, 413-414
U.S.-Muscat treaty of amity and
commerce of 1833, question of
application to U.S. citizens in
Zanzibar, 486
U. S.-Netherland arbitration conven-
tion of 190i8, extension, 650-652
U.S.-Spanish arbitration convention
of 1908, extension, 806-808
Appeals on behalf of, 824
Atrocities: U.S. warning to Tur-
key against, 831-832; Turkish
reply, 835-836
British troops in the Caucasus,
proposed withdrawal of, atti-
tude of Council of Five, 829;
Great Britain, 829-830, 830-
831, 832-833, 837; High Com-
missioner in Armenia, 829;
Italy, 829; United States, 828,
829, 830, 832, 833-834, 836-837
Condition of, 825-827, 843-851, 889
French troops, proposal to send to
Asia Minor, 838-841; sugges-
tion for U.S. military coopera-
tion, 839-840
High Commissioner in Armenia,
appointment, 826-827
Relief.  See Near East Relief,
U.S. mandate: British suggestion,
829-830; views of Harbord
Mission, 861-874; U.S. atti-
tude, 834, 837
U.S. Military Mission (Harbord
Mission) : appointment, 827,
828; report, 841-889
Capitulations, court actions conflict-
ing with:
Protests of Allied Powers, 814-
815; United States, 815, 816
Termination of actions against
citizens of Allied Powers, 815-
816; United States, 816-817
Congress of Sivas, declaration of,
National Defense Party: aims, 858-
859, 875-885, 886-888; request
for U.S. investigation, 888-889
Near East Relief:
Activities in Armenia, 825
Dispatch of supply ships: British
approval, 818, 820; French ap-
proval, 817-818, 820; need for,
817; plan for, 817, 819-820
Foodstuffs: request for, 821-823;
U.S. compliance, 824
Trade, reopening of: Supreme Eco-
nomic Council approval, 813-
814; U.S. announcement, 814
U.S. Commissioner, appointment and
instructions, 810-811, 812
U.S. consulates, reopening, 811, 812
U.S. High Commissioner, appoint-
ment, 812-813
U.S. citizens. See under Japan; Mex-
ico; and Salvador.
Villistas. See under Mexico.
Wilson, Woodrow: asylum in Nether-
lands of former German Emperor,
attitude, 653; proclamation (July
12), prohibiting export of arms or
munitions of war to Mexico, 551-
553; remarks on reception of Finn-
ish Minister, 222-223
Wireless station, German. See under

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