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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1919

Turkey,   pp. 810-889 PDF (28.6 MB)

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resentations, but I have pushed it directly with the Foreign Office
and have just received from the latter a memorandum dated January
21st that " Council of Ministers has decided to extend to American
citizens the treatment at present applied in judicial matters to Brit-
ish, French, and Italian subjects. Attorneys of the Courts of Appeal
have therefore received instructions to drop proceedings against
867.48/1093a: Telegram
The Secretary of State to the Charge in Great Britain (Laughlin)9
WASHINGTON, November 20, 1918, 3 p.M.
2920. American Committee Armenian and Syrian Relief, a long
established relief society operating in Asia Minor with the support
and approval of this Government, desires to undertake at once relief
measures for rehabilitation of the oppressed nationalities of Turk-
ish Empire in Constantinople and Asia Minor. It proposes to des-
patch a ship with a cargo of foodstuffs, clothing, agricultural ma-
chinery, seed, medical supplies and the like, together with some 300
doctors, relief workers, mechanics, agriculturalists and so forth. The
ship would sail from an American Atlantic port through the Dar-
danelles to a port on the coast of Armenia, and there discharge its
supplies and personnel.
Please so inform Foreign Office, stating that this plan enjoys com-
plete approbation this Government and is part of Hoover's food
scheme, and inquire if any objection exists on part of British authori-
ties to proposed action by the Committee.
Mutatis mutandis to Paris as No. 6352.
867.48/1097: Telegram
The Ambassador in France (Sharp) to the Secretary of State
PARIS, November 29, 1918, 7 p.m.
[Received 8.53 p.m.]
6069. My 6009, November 26, 2 a.m.10 Note from Foreign Office
informs me that the French Government fully approves of the send-
ing of the personnel and material mentioned in the proposed assist-
9See last paragraph for instructions to repeat to Paris as No. 6352.
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