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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1919

Nicaragua,   pp. 659-677 PDF (5.8 MB)

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be produced when the situation is explained, as it will seem that the
value of the Legation claim was damaged rather than enhanced
by the exchange of notes on the subject between the British Min-
ister and the Nicaraguan Government, which took place after a
full investigation and discussion of the claims. If, on the other
hand, the Bank claim was to be separated from the other items, the
only result would be that this claim would have to be considered
anew, the remaining items being settled, and this position would,
in the opinion of the British Government, be much preferable to
that which would result from the re-opening of the whole question
of the Legation claim.
The British Government also find themselves unable to concur
in the view which they understand is taken by the Commission of
the Bank Claim. This claim was the subject of a very careful
investigation, as a result of which it was reduced from the original
figure of £80,000.0.0. to £10,000.0.0. with the object of facilitating
settlement. If it should become necessary to refer the claim to
arbitration it might be difficult to avoid re-opening the question of
its amount.
For the above reasons the British Government are most anxious
to assent to any settlement of the Legation claim which could prop-
(rly be accepted by them, having due regard to the interests of the
claimants, and the British Embassy have been instructed to enquire
whether the United States Government would not feel justified in
using their good offices with a view to securing such a settlement, and
thus taking advantage of the present opportunity for terminating
this question.
WASHINGTON, March 19, 1918.
The Department of State to the British Emrbassy
The Department of State has the honor to acknowledge receipt of
memorandum from the British Embassy, # 294 of March 19, 1918,
with regard to the matter of certain British claims against the Gov-
ernment of Nicaragua. In this memorandum the Embassy sets forth
the position of the British Government in regard to the above men-
tioned claims and enquires whether the Government of the United
States would not feel justified in using its good offices with a view to
securing a settlement such as has been set forth in the memorandum
under reply.

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