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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1919

Netherlands,   pp. 650-658 PDF (2.8 MB)

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C. That it will be impossible to bring to justice lesser crim-
inals, such as those who have oppressed the French and Bel-
gians and other peoples, committed murder on the high seas,
and maltreated prisoners of war. if the arch-criminal, who for
30 years has proclaimed himself the sole arbiter of German
policy and has been so in fact, escapes condign punishment.
D. That the Court, by which the question of responsibility
for the war and its grosser barbarities should be determined,
ought to be appointed by those nations who have played a prin-
cipal part in winning the war and have thereby shown their
understanding of what freedom means and their readiness to
make unlimited sacrifices in its behalf. This clause is intended
to relate only to the composition of the Court which will deal
with the crimes committed in connection with the late war and is
not intended to prejudice the question of the composition of the
International Courts under a League of Nations.
The Conference hopes that the Government of the United States
will share its views and cooperate with the Allies in the presenta-
tion to Holland of a demand for the surrender of the persons of the
ex-Kaiser and of the Crown Prince for trial before an International
Court to be appointed by the Allies."
862.001W64/71: Telegram
The Charge in the Netherlan-ds (Gunther) to the Acting Secretary
of State
THE HAGUE, July 1, 1919, 6 p.m.
[Received July 2, 3.53 p.m.]
6521. American Mission 302. The French Charge d'Affaires 6
delivered before 3 p.m. on Saturday last to the Minister for Foreign
Affairs a note a copy of which I have only now been able to procure.
A translation follows herewith.
" I have the honor to deliver to Your Excellency, in the name of
the Allied and Associated Powers, the following communication:
'The Allied and Associated Powers desire, in the interests of peace,
to draw the attention of the Government of the Netherlands to the
case of ex-Emperor and of the ex-Crown Prince of Germany who at
the beginning of last November sought a refuge on Netherlands
territory. The Allied and Associated Governments have been much
perturbed by the rumors which have been repeatedly spread of late
regarding the eventuality that the heir of the Crown of Germany,
who is a fighting officer of high rank, should in violation of the
laws of war escape from the neutral country in which he is interned.
They confidently expect that it will not be permitted that the inter-
national obligations should be violated in this case, as also in the
infinitely more important case of the ex-Emperor. The latter is not
'Fernand Prdvost.

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