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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1919

Mexico,   pp. 531-649 PDF (41.5 MB)

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ARTICLE 10.-Foreigners shall attach to the document in which
the claim is formulated, evidence in proof of their nationality, and
those who do not do so shall be considered Mexicans for the effects
of this Law.
ARTICLE 11.-Foreign claimants who may have proven themselves
to be such, and who do not accept the findings of the Commission,
may present their views either directly to the Commission, or through
diplomatic channels.
ARTICLE 12.-The findings of the Commission with regard to the
claims of foreigners, which may have been objected to by the inter-
ested parties, shall be submitted to an Arbitration Committee com-
posed of three members, of whom one shall be appointed by the
President of the Republic, another by the diplomatic agent of the
country to which the claimant belongs, and the third by common
agreement of the first two. If this latter should not be possible,
the Executive shall also appoint the third member, choosing him
from among the nationals of a country having no claims to make
for account of damages caused by the Revolution. The appoint-
ment of arbiters shall not include diplomatic or consular agents.
ARTICLE 13.-The Arbitration Committees spoken of in the pre-
ceding article shall handle exclusively the case for which they may
have been appointed, unless the Executive may have entered into
international agreements for the formation of Mixed Permanent
Committees to handle all the claims of the nationals of any given
The Arbitration Committees shall decide by majority vote, and
their decisions shall be final.
ARTICLE 14.-Indemnities payable to railway enterprises or to
other public service corporations, which may have been taken over
or expropriated by the Government for military operations or by
reason of the abnormal conditions which have prevailed in the coun-
try, shall not necessarily be subject to the Claims Commission,
but the indemnities which shall be payable to them may be stipu-
lated by means of agreements entered into through the appropriate
ARTICLE 15.-The right to present claims for damages caused from
November 20, 1910 to the date of this Law, shall terminate on the
1st of September, 1920. Those arising out of damages which may
be caused in the future shall terminate one year after the occurrence
giving rise to the claim may have taken place.
ARTICLE 16.-Claims arising from the Revolution of 1910 which
may have been submitted to the Consultive Commission created by
virtue of the Law of May 31, 1911, shall be considered as having
been presented in due time, and shall be handled by the new Com-
mission, taking the files in the state in which they may be at this

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