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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1919

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In conformity with the Department's instructions I enclosed for His
Excellency's information a copy of the Department's unnumbered
Instruction to me of November 2, 1917, relative to my appointment,
in which my status was defined.
I also have the honor to inform the Department that on January
26, 1918, the day after I assumed charge of the Agency, I called, by
appointment, upon the High Commissioner who returned my call
within an hour. I was very cordially received by His Excellency
and during the conversation I had with him (both at the Residency
and at the Agency) I was impressed by what appeared to be his
genuine pro-American sympathies and I feel sure that I will receive
his hearty co-operation in the performance of my duties as Diplo-
matic Agent and in my official relations with the Egyptian Authori-
ties. It may be pertinent to inform the Department that on the 5th
instant the High Commissioner gave an official dinner in our honor
at the Residency.
I also have the honor to inform the Department that I was received
in informal audience by His Highness Sultan Fuad I on February 7,
1918. In the course of the audience, which lasted some twenty-five
minutes, the Sultan spoke appreciatively of the United States and
mentioned that Egypt was indebted for valuable services rendered
by former American army officers who held commissions here under
his father, Ismail Pasha, the first Khedive of Egypt. His Highness
spoke in most complimentary terms of President Wilson and Secre-
tary Lansing. He remarked that he had read their state papers
with the greatest interest. Before leaving he begged me to convey
his expression of goodwill and friendship to the President. My
reception by the Sultan was most cordial and he has since invited
us to a state dinner at the Palace.
For the Department's information I have the honor to explain
that owing to the anomalous situation that has obtained in Egypt
since the declaration of the British protectorate in 1914, the Depart-
ment's Instruction of November 2, 1917, was exhibited only to the
High Commissioner, who is also " in charge " of the Egyptian Min-
istry for Foreign Affairs.
I have [etc.]                            HAMPsON GARY
883.00/119: Telegram
The Commission to Negotiate Peace to the Acting Secretary of State
Pains, April 21, 1919, 9 p.m.
[Received Apri1 2S, 2.08 a.m.]
1722. For Department's information. I have to-day, in view of
necessity of immediate action sent the following telegram to our
Agency at Cairo.

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