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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1919. The Paris Peace Conference

Other proposals for the agenda of the peace conference,   pp. [533]-562 PDF (8.7 MB)

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Paris Peace Conf. 723.2515/4: Telegram 
The Acting Secretary of State to thei Charge in France (Bliss) 
WASHINGTON, December 11, 1918-8 p. m. 
[Received December 12-10:17 a. m.] 
18. For the Secretary of State. With reference to the statements 
of the Presidents of Peru and Chile which have been sent to you 
today2 I wish to inform you that the Peruvian Minister on Decem- 
ber 9 left the following memorandum at the Department: 
"The Minister of Peru is instructed to advise the Honorable the 
Secretary of State that the Government of Peru accepts the media- 
tion of the President of the United States and that the President of 
Peru will shortly communicate this acceptance by cable 8 in reply to 
the message of the President of the United States. 
The Government of Peru however does not desire that the media- 
tion should assume the character of an American Continental 
It has accepted the mediation of the President of the United 
States because the Government of Peru considers the President of 
the United States to be the initiator and the supporter of those 
principles which are to be asserted at the general peace conference."
In view of the position assumed by the Government of Peru in 
considering the President's statement as an offer of mediation and 
the statement of the President of Chile who appears to consider that 
the United States has only offered assistance and not mediation as 
set forth in the cable of December 9, 4 p. m. from the Embassy at 
Santiago, it is desired to ascertain the views of the President as to 
whether he wishes to make a further offer of formal mediation to 
both countries accepting the Peruvian interpretation or whether he 
desires that both countries be informed that the tender of all possible 
assistance to bring about an equitable solution of the matter is to be 
'For papers previously printed regarding the Tacna-Arica question in 1918
and 1919, see Foreign Relations, 1919, vol. i, pp. 123-163. 
2Reference is to the Peruvian and Chilean replies to President Wilson's tender
of assistance to bring about a solution of the difficulties between Chile
and Peru. 
The President's offer is contained in the telegram of Dec. 4, 1918, 6 p.
m., to 
the Ambassador in Chile, Foreign Relations, 1919, vol. i, p. 126. The Peruvian
reply is quoted here; for the Chilean reply, see the telegram of Dec. 9,
4 p. m., from the Ambassador in Chile, ibid., p. 134. 
Not printed. 

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