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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1918. Supplement 1, The World War

List of principal persons,   pp. XI-XVIII PDF (2.6 MB)


VENIZELOS, Eleutherios K., Greek Premier and Minister of War.
VENO5A, J., Spanish Minister of Finance to February 28; Minister of Supplies,
August 31 to November 6.
VOLLENHOVEN, Joost van, Netherland Shipping Representative in Great Britain.
VOPICKA, Charles J., United States Minister to Rumania.
WALLENBERG, Marcus, member of the Swedish special commission at London.
WALLRAF, Max, German Secretary of State for the Interior in Count von Hert-
ling's Cabinet.
WEKERLE, Alexander, Hungarian Premier and Minister of the Interior to
October 24.
WEMYss, Admiral Sir Rosslyn, British First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval
WHITLOCK, Brand, United States Minister to Belgium.
WILLARD, Joseph E., United States Ambassador to Spain.
WILLIAM II, German Emperor, King of Prussia; abdicated November 9.
WILSON, Sir Henry H., British Military Representative on the Supreme War
WILSON, Hugh R., United States Secretary of Legation in Switzerland; Chargd
d'Affaires to March 4.
WILSON, Woodrow, President of the United States.
WOOLLEY, Clarence M., representative, on the United States War Trade Board,
of the Secretary of Commerce and the War Industries Board.
WOOLSEY, Lester H., Solicitor for the Department of State of the United States.

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