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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States with the address of the president to Congress December 2, 1913

Honduras,   pp. 590-607 PDF (6.2 MB)

Page 591

 HONDURAS. 591  ~/ViiITE. 
not only of the cordiality of the relations existing between this Government
and that of Washington, but also of the spirit of rectitude and justice which
actuates the decisions of the latter. I refer to the case of the National
Railroad, which you at your last session ordered restored to the nation because
it was being illegally and unduly administered by a person who was its lessee
but who had no right to keep it in his possession for hjs own exclusive benefit.
 The details of what occurred will be communicated to you by the Secretaries
for Foreign Affairs and of Fomento and Public Works, so that it will suffice
for me to recall the fact that when the Political Governor of Cortés,
in pursuance of orders from the Executive, proceeded to take possession,
of the railroad by virtue of an inventory and previous notice to the agent
of the ex-lessee to participate in the dernrery, the Commander of the American
war ship Petrel, anchored in the waters of Puerto Cortés, landed sailors
of the. crew of his ship to take possession of the railroad pending receipt
of instructions from Washington and Tegucigalpa. This gave rise to a protest
on the part; of m~r Government, made to the American Legation established
in this capital, on account of the violation of the. national territory and
owing to the acts committed by the Commander of the Petrel, who, in compliance
with immediate orders from the Washington Government, reembarkeci his forces,
declaring that the act was performed under his exclusive responsibility and
without the authorization of his Government, as was confirmed by the Minister
of the United States in this capital, who, oil this occasion as on all others,
has taken special pains to maintain and even strengthen the bonds of sympathy
and cordiality which happily unite us with the Republic of the North. 
 The Government has likewise claimed for the Public Treasury the revenues
from the wharf and lighthouse of Puerto Cortés, illegally held to
the detriment of the revenues of the Republic and which are at present administered
by the proper revenue office. 
File No. 8i5.OOi B 64/9. 
The American Minister to the Secretary of State. 
Tegccigalpa, March 21, 1913. 
 The American Minister announces the death of President Bonilla and states
that Vice President Francisco Bertrand has assumed the Presidency and informs
the Minister that the Cabinet Ministers will support him and no complications
are anticipated. The Minister has advised the American consulates and the
Commander of the American warships in Honduras. 

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