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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States with the address of the president to Congress December 2, 1913

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Page 584

584; FOREIGN RELATIONS. 1 Not printed. 
Americans who have been in Haiti, .by reference to the records of registration
in the consulates. Outside of these two means, any certification would seem
 Respecting the certification as to the connection of American citizens of
Syrian origin with American commercial houses, it would seem possible, of
course, for the Department or the Legation to communicate to the Haitian
Government such information as might be furnished in this regard. Tinder
the circumstances, however, neither the Legation nor the Department could
undertal~e to give any certain guaranty as to such connection. 
 You will appropriately communicate the foregoing to the Haitian Government
and report to the Department the result of your representations. 
I am [etc.] For the Secretary of State: 
 J. B. MOORE. 
File No. 838.111/129. 
The American Minister to the Secretary of State. 
No. 1266.]       A~rERIcAN LEGATION, 
 Port au Prince, August 12, 1913. 
 SIR : Referring to the Department's No. 387 of July 31, 1913, regarding
the entrance into Haiti of persons of Syrian origin, I have the honor to
advise the Department that I took up the matter with the President of Haiti
a.nd permitted him to read the instructions of the Department on the subject.
 The President, after reading the Department's instructions, stated P~hat
he was in full accord therewith. I have deemed it advisable, howev~r, to
have the President confirm our conversation in writing and I shall endeavor
to secure this confirmation within the next few days. 
 I have [etc.] H. W~ FuRNIss. 
File No. 838.111/132. 
The American Consul at Kingston, Jamaica, to the Secretary of State. 
No. 156.]   A1~rERIcAN CoNsULATE, 
 Kingston, September 12, 1913. 
 SIR: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of the Department's instruction
No. 159 of August 27, 1913,' enclosing, for my information, a copy of dispatch
No. 1263 of July 25, 1913, from the American Minister at Poi~t an Prince
relative to the belief of the Government of Haiti that Syrians in Jamaica
are seeking to overthrow the Government and directing me to forward a report
regarding the attitude of Syrians in Jamaica towards the Haitian Government.
 From what I have been able to learn I am convinced that the Syrians in Jamaica
are in no way endeavoring to overthrow the present Government in Haiti or
furnishing funds for the purpose. I have called upon the managers of the
three banks in Kingston and 

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