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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States with the annual message of the president transmitted to Congress December 3, 1912

Liberia,   pp. 649-701 PDF (18.7 MB)

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File No. 741.8215/55. 
The American Mznlster to the Secretary of State 
Monrovia, May 23, 19li3. 
 Referring to your May 21. Liberian Government doing its utmost to bring
Lomax and Cooper to Monrovia. Conferred with President Howard yesterday,
he realized gravity of the situation. Strenuous methods being used. Lomax
and Cooper are reported to be within six days walk of Monrovia. Morris, Cabinet
officer, and Captain Brown with instructed escort left to-day to bring them
in. Messenger relay arranged. Will keep Department informed. 
 Stuart, Liberian Commissioner on Anglo-Liberian boundary, reports cairns
were not destroyed by Liberian soldiers but washed out by freshets. 
 Liberia begs continued good offices~ of the Government of the United States
and with forbearance of British Government I believe incident can be satisfactorily
 N0TE.—The above telegram was communicated to the American Embassy
to Great Britain May 25, 1912. 
File No. 741.8215/58. 
The American Minister to the Secretary of State. 
Monrovia, June 26, 191g. 
 My May 23. Cooper and Lomax brought to Monrovia to-day. 
File No. 741.8215/59. 
The Secretary of State to the American Minister. 
Washington, June 29, 191g. 
 Telegram received from Ambassador at London reports that Foreign Office
in note of twenty-sixth instant transmits statements of various witnesses
received from Governor of Sierra Leone relative to execution of eight native
chiefs by Liberian officials at Kolahun. Taking these statements as a whole
Foreign Office is of opinion that cruel and cold blooded murder was committed
and that Lomax and Cooper were present and connived. Witnesses swear that
Lomax himself shot many persons. Ambassador also informed that documents
have been. forwarded to British Consul General Monrovia with instructions
to communicate them to Liberian Government. 

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