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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States with the annual message of the president transmitted to Congress December 3, 1907. (In two parts)

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of efforts that are being made to settle the pending boundary dispute between
the neighboring Republics of Bolivia and Paraguay, the outcome of which is
that the offer of the President of this Republic to act as arbiter in the
matter has been accepted, subject to the approval of the Congresses of the
two countries. 
 The dispute in question is, as will be seen, one of long standing, repeated
efforts having been made to reach an amicable solution of it. A renewed and
serious effort was made by the two countries during the past year to reach
a friendly settlement, in that the Government of Bolivia accredited to that
of Paraguay one of the most able diplomats, Dr. Emeterio Cano, at one time
Bolivian minister for foreign affairs, with special instruction in the matter
in question. The Government of Paraguay responded to the cordial act of Bolivia
and appointed special plenipotentiary to treat with Doctor Cano an ex-vice-president
of Paraguay, Dr. Manuel Dominguez. These two representatives of their respective
countries, in spite of diligent endeavors, were unable to find common ground
on which to agree. 
 Such was the state of affairs when Doctor Zeballos, on November 26 last,
accepted the portfolio of minister of foreign affairs of this Government.
Doctor Zeballos took advantage of the presence in this country some weeks
ago, en route for Europe, of the minister for foreign affairs of Bolivia,
Dr. Caludio Pinilla, through the Argentine minister in Asuncion to offer
to the Government of Paraguay the mediation of this Government in the pending
question on the following conditions: 
 Meeting in Buenos Aires of the ministers for foreign affairs of the two
countries in order to discuss the respective claims of the same, and to endeavor
to reach a direct arrangement between them. In case of disagreement the matter
to be submitted to arbitration before the President of this Republic. 
 This offer of intervention was accepted, and Dr. Adolfo L. Soler, at present
minister of finance but recently minister for foreign affairs of Paraguay,
was at once sent to Buenos Aires to represent that country in~ the matter.
Doctor Dominguez, the special plenipotientiary of Paraguay appointed last
year to treat with Doctor Cano, of Bolivia, accompanied him to advise with
Doctor Soler. 
 These plenipotentiaries of the two countries met in this city with Doctor
Zeballos. In spite, however, of repeated endeavors the matter proved difficult
of solution, and it was decided to avail themselves of the alternative condition
contained in Doctor Zeballo's offer of mediation and to submit the question
to the arbitral decision of the President of this Republic. Accordingly,
on the 12th instant, a protocol to that effect was signed by the authorized
parties. The protocol, in accordance with one of its terms, will be submitted
to the congresses of Bolivia and Paraguay, and, if approved, the matter will
be taken up in regular form, and the decision of the President of this country
will be final in the matter. 
 It will be observed from the map which La Prensa prints to accompany the
inclosed article that the territory in question lies between the rivers Paraguay
and Pilcomayo, and between the parallels of latitude 19~ and 23 south and
between the meridians of longitude 58 and 63 west. 
 I am, etc., A. M. BEAUPR]~. 

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