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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, with the annual message of the president transmitted to Congress December 5, 1899

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 JAPAN. 477 ' Not printed.
peace, amity, and commerce'S with Japan. From that time the bonds of friendship
uniting the two countries have become stronger and stronger with passing
years, and it is the duty of all citizens of the United States in this country
to see to it that nothing on their part is done to cause reflection upon
the people of their nationality.
 Given under my hand and seal this 10th day of July, 1899.
 United States Minister.
Mr. Buck to Mr. Hay.
   Tokyo, Japan, July 12, 1899.
 SIn: Referring to my dispatch No. 325, of yesterday's date, inclosing copies
of my notification to American citizens in Japan concerning their condition
and duties under the new treaty, I have the honor to inclose herewith copies1
of editorial comments upon the notification which appear this morning in
the Japan Mail and the Japan Times.
 The Times is published by Japanese and is one of the leading papers of Tokyo;
while the Mail is the leading paper published by foreigners in this country.
Its editor and proprietor is an Englishman.
 I am informed that the Japanese papers generally are publishing the notice
with very gratifying comments. The Government officials appear to be much
pleased with my publication in reciprocation of the rescript of the Emperor
and the notifications of the Japanese cabinet, and our own people warmly
approve. No similar action has yet been taken by the representative of any
other power in Japan.
I have, etc.,
 A. E. BUCK.
Mr. Buck to Mr. Hay.
    Tokyo, Japan, July 15, 1899.
 Sin: I have the honor to infoi~m you that by rescript of the Emperor the
following-named ports of Japan are to be opened to foreign commerce on the
new treaties coming into operation.
 The translation of the rescript is as follows:
 ARTICLE 1. Besides the open ports hitherto designated the following are
to be also open ports:
Shimizn, Suruga province. Shishimi, Tsushima provinc
Taketoyo, Owari province. Nawa, Ryukyu province.
Yokkaichi, Ise province. Hamada, Iwami province.
Shimonoseki, Nagato province. Sakai, Hold province.
Moji, Buzen province. Miyazu, Tango province.
Hakata, Chikuzen province. Tsuruga, Echizen province.
Karatsu, Hizen province. Nanawo (South Bay), Noto province.
Kuchinotsu, Hizen province. Fushiki, Etchu province.
Misumi, Higo province. Otaru, Shiribeshi province.
Izuhara, Tsushima province. Kushiro, Kushiro province.
Sasuna, Tsushima provinee. Muroran, Iburi province.

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