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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Index to the executive documents of the House of Representatives for the second session of the fiftieth Congress, 1888-'90

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Page 689

                              GREAT BRITAIN.                            
international conference recently held here in reference to the question
of sugar bounties, at which he was directed by you to be present.
   This report is so full and satisfactory that I do not deem it necessary
or useful to add anything thereto.
        I have, etc'.,
                                                              E.J. PuELrS.
                               [Inclosure in No. 652.1J
                            Mr. White to Mr. Bayard.
                          REPORT ON SUGAR BOUNTIES.
                                        LEGATION OF THE UNITED STATES,
                                                     London, December 28,
   SIR: I have the honor to acquaint you that in accordance with the instructions
 tained in your telegram to the minister of the 10th instant, I attended
the fourth and
 subsequent meetings of the international conference on the sugar bounties
 until its adjournment on the 19th of this month; and I inclose herewith
 A) the copy of asprinted document embodying the minutes of its proceedings,
 with other papers of interest connected with the same, to which I shall
refer here-
   Upon my arrival at the foreign office-on Monday, the 12th instant, to
attend the
 meeting fixed for that day, I informed the president, Baron.Henry de Worms,
that I
 had been authorized by you to represent the United States in a friendly
way at the
 conference, and to report its proceedings to my Government, but not to participate
 its deliberations, nor to commit the United States to any of the conclusions
 might be arrived at.
   Baron de Worms expressed great pleasure at the presence of a representative
 the United States, and the other delegates were good enough to assure me
that their
 sentiments were in complete accord with those to which the president had
given ut-
 terance, many of them coupling with this assurance an expression of regret
 my Government was not officially represented, upon the ground that no conference'
 on the sugar industry could be complete without the formal participation
therein of
 the United States.
   Baron de Worms also read to the conference a French translation of Mr.
 note to Lord Salisbury (inclosure A, page 51) of December 12, a copy of
which has been
 already sent to you in dispatch No. 643, of the 17th instant, from this
 The French language was exclusively used in the deliberations of the conference,
 at which the following nations were represented: Austria-Hungary. Belgium,
 mark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Russia, Spain; and
   Brazil also sent a delegate, but instead of putting in an appearance at
the confer-
 euce, he remained at Paris, and from there addressed a letter to the president
 closure A, p. 44), transmitting a brief statement with regard to the sugar
industry in
 Brazil and to the legislation of that country affecting the same, together
with an in-
 tium.tiou that, in his opinion, the conference would be devoid of practical
 owing to the conflicting interests of the countries represented, which would
 their coming to any agreement.
   France sent five delegates and a secretary; Holland and Great Britain
four each
 (of the latter, Lord Onslow, colonial under-secretary of state, represented
the British
 colonies); Belgium sent three delegates; Spain and Germany two each, and
 other powers a single delegate. Most of these gentlemen, whose names are
 mitted herewith (inclosure A, p. 31) are connected with the ministries of
finance or
 with the customs departments of their respective countries. They are thoroughly
 conversant with every detail in regard to the sugar industry, and some of
them had
 been at previous conferences in reference thereto.
    The senior French and British and the second Spanish delegates are, however,
  members of parliament in their respective countries, and the Austro-Hungarian,
  senior Spanish, the Italian, and the second French delegates are diplomatists;
  two latter being first secretaries, respectively, of the Italian and French
  accredited to this court, and Mr. Dupuy de L6me, of Spain, having been
  secretary of legation at Washington.
    The whole of the beet-sugar interest of the world, save our own, which
is insigifi
  cant, nnd about four-fifths ofJ that of cane-sugar, were thus officially
represented at
  the conference, which was convoked for reasons set forth in the Marquis
of Salis-
  Jjur!y's circular dispatch of July 2 last (inclosure A, p. 1), to Her M'ajesty's

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