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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Index to the executive documents of the House of Representatives for the second session of the fiftieth Congress, 1888-'90

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682                      FOREIGN RELATIONS.
the point at issue is decided the question should be settled which law (German
.American) is to be taken as the basis of the decision. I can not admit that
a dispute
between a German and an American concerning a.piece of land situated in Samoa
should be decided wholly in accordance with the principles of law which prevail
the United States, as you appear to think that it should.
   As to the reasons why I did not think it necessary sooner to discuss the
question of
 the possession of the land, I stagted them in my note of the 14th instant.
   With regard to the pilot-house, I can only likewise suggest to you to
await the de-
 cision of our Governments. No one can suffer any appreciable detriment from
a post-
 ponement of the decision of this whole matter. The interests of tho American
 concerned seem to be fully protected, since all the ready money that belonged
to the
 former municipality is now in the custody of Mr. Hamilton, the American
      Accept, etc.,
                                                        Imperial Consul.,
                                No. 494.
                  Baron von Zedtwitz to Mr. Bayard.
                               IMPERIAL GERMAN LECGATION,
                       Washington, June 4, 1888. (Received June 6.)
   Mr. SECRETARY OF STATE: I have the honor, in obedience to in-
structions received from the Imperial Government, most respectfully to
inform you that it is proposed to hold during the months of April, May,
and June, 1889, in the Exhibition Palace at Berlin, a general German
exbibition of devices for the prevention of accidents.
   The initiative in this enterprise has been taken by parties interested
in the manufacture of such articles, and its object is to disseminate a
knowledge of the apparatus and devices that have been invented for
the prevention of accidents among those engaged in the various branches
of industry, and also to promote the improvement and multiplication of
such inventions.
  The accomplishment of this enterprise will, it is believed, not only
facilitate the fulfillment. of the duties incumbent upon employers, but
a-t the same time secure to the employed increased protection against
the dangers to which their work exposes them.
  The Government of His Majesty the Emperor recognizes the enter-
prise as a means of benefiting the workingman, and will strive to pro-
mote its success.
  Foreign exhibitors also are invited to take part in the exhibition.
  I inclose a number of copies of the programme, which has been issued
in the name of the committee of arrangements, remarking at the same
time that additional copies of this document will be furnished, if de-
sired, and that the management of the exhibition intends, if it shall be
found necessary, to have an English edition of the programme pre-
       Accept, etc.,                                  v. ZEDTWITZ.
                               No. 495.
                      Count Arco to Mr. Bayard.
                                IMPERIAL GErIAN LEGATION,
                   -Washington, June 18, 1888. (Received June 18.)
  Mr. SECRETARY OP STATE: I duly tansmitted to my Government the
resolution whereby the sympathy of the House of Representatives with

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