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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Index to the executive documents of the House of Representatives for the second session of the fiftieth Congress, 1888-'90

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                            CENTRAL AMERICA.                            
    [Inclosure 2 in No. 729.--Translation.--From "EL Guatemalteco"
of 30th October, 1887.]
                    Execution of insurgent chiefs in Guatemala.
                 [Telegram from General Pimental to President Barillas.]
                                                     JUTIAPA, October 29,
To the President:
  After having made the required investigation, in conformity with the requirements
of the law, I ordered the insurgent chieis, Mariano Pineda, Jorge Zepeda,
Jo.-g Arzd,
and Antonio Jurez, belonging to the band of Which you are already informed,
to be
shot.                   9S. PIIENTAL.
                                                   CHIANTLA, October 30,
To the President:
  At this moment, 6 a. m. ex-Col. Vicente Castafieda, ex-Lients. Ismael Diaz
and Jos6
Mufioz, and ex-Sublieuts. Matias Cifuentes and Francisco Alonzo, convicted
of mil-
itary sedition, have been executed with the formalities of the law.
                                                               Luis MOLINA.
                        [Inclosure 3 in No. 729.-Translation.]
                        Proclamation of President Barillas.
Manuel Lisandro Barillas, general of division and President of the Republic
of Gua-
                           temala, to the Guatemalans:
  FELLOW-CITIZENS: In assuming the unlimited powers given me by the decree
of 26th June, my purpose was to make use of them with so much moderation
forbearance that not a tear should be shed for political causes. In pursuance
this purpose the gubernative action was so directed that there was no iwprisonment
and no expulsion until the moment when for powerful reasons, of which you
are all
well aware, it became necessary to expel Archbishop Ricardo Cazanova from
the ter-
ritory of the Republic.
  On the 1st of October the constituent assembly was installed. I gave account
to it
of all my official acts, and in the naration is to be found no other act
of severity than
the indispensable expulsion of Sehor Cazanova.
  The constituent power approved on that same day, by acclamation, the decree
the 26th of June, and was pleased also to extend a vote of thanks to the
power. I awaited the happy moment when the new fundamental law should be
placed in my hands to enter upon a constitutional regimen, without any Guatemalan
or inhabitant of this Republic having undergone molestation.
  But fate had proposed for Guatemala a situation that was not in my peaceful,
ent, and mild programme. There are persons and political circles to whom
in power is not acceptable; they consider themselves designated by special
always to command and never to obey. It is of no importance to them that
their es-
tates are secure, that in their persons they enjoy the most ample guaranties,
that they
enjoy tranquillity, unless they have absolute power, unless they have the
people sub-
ject to their order like a flock of L1mbs; and if they do not guide so that
not a ray of
the light of modern civilization can penetrate, they will always be making
efforts to
place themselves at the head to dominate so that the country may return to
the dark
night of those thirty years. I shall present you proofs of all this.
  On the 26th of September the Government bad notice that on the frontier
of Sal-
vador a party of insurgents had risen up, and, led by Salvador, Sandoval,
Jos6 Aguilar,
and one Tinoco, said to be a Nicaraguan general; it knew very well that the
ment had been planned and was directed by some of the strongest reactionists
of the
capital of Guatemala who also supplied it with resources.
  I abstained from proceeding against them- and even from making investigations
  which-might result in a punishment which was not in accord with my adopted
gramme, and Idevoted my efforts solely to breaking up the faction. The result
was a
happy one, due to the energy of General Pimental, commandant at Jutiapa,
to the
activity of the commandants of Chiquimula .Jalapa, Zacapa, and Santa Rosa
and to
the officers under them, and to the loyalty and good sense of the inhabitants
of the
towns which, though in Contact with the insurgents, resisted their persuasions.
  Thanks, also, to the Government of Honduras, which manifested its desire
to co-

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