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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Index to the executive documents of the House of Representatives for the second session of the fiftieth Congress, 1888-'90

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Page 84

84                         FOREIGN RE1LATIONS.
  (a) To establish a line of mail steamers to ply between San Francisco,
Cal., and
Panama and intermediate ports, which shall be employed for the service of
and shall have sufficient .accommodations for carrying passengers.
  The line shall be styled the " Spanish Central American," and
shall consist of seven
mail steamers, whose names shall be Centro America, Costa Rica, Nicaragua,
Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico. The two first named shall sail under the
flagg of
Costa Rica, and the others under the flags of the other Republics of Central
  The company may employ auxiliary steamers, which may carry the Spanish
and the latter shall have the same rights and obligations stipulated in the
contract in regard to those previously mentioned.
  The steamers shall touch at the port of Punta Arenas, and at any other
which the
Government may open on the Pacific, at least once a week, with the obligation
of re-
maining therein ordinarily twelve hours, and six hours more when the authority,
notification to the agent or to the captain of the vessel, shall demand it
two hours
before the time designated for sailing, save in every case the time required
for loading
and discharging.
  The company shall give notice to the marine department of the dates upon
the steamers should arrive at the port or ports of the Republic, and others
ofthe route,
according to the established itinerary, and shall also give public notice
thereof int
the official newspaper. In the same manner notice shall be given of any change
the dates of the arrival of the steamers.
  (b) To charge as a maximum of freight and passage the rates designated
to-day in
the tariff of the Pacific Mail Steam-ship Company, with a rebate of 20 per
cent. in ad-
dition ; the passages are payable in soles, in money of Guatemala or Honduras,
in their equivalent in Costa Rican money. But for material and munition of
war, as
well as any other articles which the Government may import for its own account,
company shall rebate '25 cents from its adopted tariff.
  (c) To give, upon the order of the respective departments, a free passage
in its
steamers from Costa Rica to any of the ports of their itinerary, and vice
versa, to the
diplomatic ministers and employ6s of the Government traveling in commission.
addition to this there shall be placed at the disposal of the Government
every yeai
four first-class round passages between San Francisco and Panama or intermediate
  (d) To carry at half the tariff rates troops in the service of the Government
the presentation to the agent or supercargo on board of the order of the
department in which the class of passage to be given shall be designated.
Also to
carry for one-half the steerage rates laborers arriving in or leaving thoeRepublic
the authorization of the Government, the fact to be verified by a competent
ity. In either case, upon an emergency, the order may be given by the captain
of the
   (e) To receive on board the steamers each year and to maintain at his
expense four
young men, who, in the opinion ofea commission appointed by the Government,
made the needful studies to become apprentices innavigation; four others,
two of
whom to learn engineering and two the duties of quartermaster, and twelve
others to
acquire the knowledge and practice of wheelnen.
  The fourfirst, after two years, shall be examined, and should they prove
to be fitted,
shall receive a diploma, and they shall be employed according to their class
and the
wages assigned the station; the next four and the twelve last named shall
earn wages
from the time they are received on board, and these, as well as those previously
tioned, sha-ll not be dismissed from the service, except for faults of a
grave character
or for mani fest incapacity.
  The company is bound to notify the minister of marine, when for any of
the causes
mentioned in the foregoing paragraph the apprentices may be dismissed, so
that the
Government may replace them.
   (f) To carry the mails of Costa Rica in his steamers for the places at
which they
may touch, and those for the Republic that may be delivered to the steamers,
as also
to be responsible for their care and preservation on board. The correspondence
be delivered and received by the intermediary of the postmasters.
  The officers of the steamers are prohibited absolutely from receiving letters
  side of the mails, except those that may be delivered on the high seas
or after the
  closing of the mails ; but in such cases the letters shall be delivered
to the authorized
functionaries of the Government, who shall collect the postage thereon, unless
ready franked with stamps.
  Notwithstanding, the company may carry outside, apart, all letters or papers
of or
  from its employds, and upon the business of the company.
  The correspondence must be delivered alongside. of the steamer, and the
  shall be bound to receive it at any moment up to the hour of sailing.
  (g) To prove, under penalty of $100 fine for each infr'action, should it
be necessary,
  that a steamer muay have been compelled by circumstances to sail without
  the corresponding p)ermit of tI c cap~tain of the port. .....

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