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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Index to the executive documents of the House of Representatives for the second session of the fiftieth Congress, 1888-'90

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04                      FOREIGN RELATIONS.
   The loss on either side was insignificant.
   This mutiny never had the sympathy or support of the people, but
 from the beginning to the end was the work of a brutal and cowardly
 body of soldiers, instigated by a few degraded and dismissed officers
 of the line. This is shown especially in the conduct of the citizens of
 Sucre, who, as soon as the insurgents had marched out towards Potosi,
 began the re-establishment of order and took effective measures for
 the defense of the city against their return.
 The President, after the engagement, returned to Potosi, whence, on
 the 14th instant, he directed an official proclamation re-assembling the
 national congress at Sucre on the 1st of November next.
 There is some disaffection in the North, caused by retention of the
 seat of the government and the sesSions of congress at Sucre, but it
 is generally believed that it will soon be quieted under the President's
 conciliatory assurance and conduct.
      I am, sir, etc.,
                                                  S. S. CARLISLE.
                              No. 53.
                     Mr. Bayard to Mr. Carlisle.
No. 27.]                        DEPARTMENT OF STATE,
                                    Washington, November 30, 1888.
  SIR: I have received your No. 44 of October 22 last, in which you
report the final suppression of the military mutiny at Sucre and the
complete restoration of civil order.
  The Department receives this information with satisfaction, and con-
fidently hopes that'the restoration of domestic peace will prove auspi-
cious of an era of prosperity and advancement for Bolivia under the be-
nign influence of a stable constitutional government.
      I am, etc.,
                                                  T. F. BAYARD.

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