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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Index to the executive documents of the House of Representatives for the first session of the forty-seventh Congress, 1880-'81

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of the country, based as this policy is upon the expressed will of the
people to resist any invasion: Chili might contemplate.
  Meanwhile, the visit of Presitdent ,iola to La Paz has strengthened
the alliance between Peru and Bolivia, and I do not believe that one will
make peace without the co-operation and approval of the other. No-
body here so far acknowledges the government of Garcia Calderon at
Lima while it is upheld by Chilian bayonets. While an invasion from
Chili in the near future is entirely improbable, as Chilian soldiers could
never endure an Andean winter, and so no immediate fighting is ex-
pected, it is still hoped here that our government may be pleased to
put an end to the war, and in the interest of commerce, humanity, re-
publican institutions, and American- traditions and ideas may compel
Chili, if necessary, to grant to Peru and Bolivia honorable terms of
peace, instead of holding both countries by the throat, so to speak, by
demanding continuous contributions and excluding them from all com-
merce on the sea. * *
        Ihave &c.
                                            CHARLES ADAMS.
                              No. 66.
                 Mr. Nuiiez del Prado to Mr. Evarts.
                     La Paz, February 1, 1881. (Received May 10.)
  SIR: This ministry has the honor to inform your excellency's govern-
ment of Bolivia's unshaken determination to defend her rights and to
repel the doctrines of absorption and conquest which are sustained by
  This attitude, which is the only one that my government considers
compatible with the dignity and lawful privileges of an American nation,
is in accordance with the conviction which it entertains, that the vast
proportions which the war on the Pacific is daily assuming affect not
only the territorial integrity of the allied nations, but even their future
autonomy and the permanent interests of America in a serious manner.
  In order to defend this idea, Bolivia has sacrificed her bravest sons,
and is anxiously waiting for every American country to protest against
the acts of that nation which has originated this sanguinary conflict,
  Meanwhile the allied forces, whose arms have been attended with
very ill success during the course of the struggle, have just met with
another reverse near Lima.
   The loss of that maritime city, and~the total destruction of the allied
fleet, oblige the government of the undersigned once more solemnly to
declare to the friendly nations of this continent that it is resolved un-
flinchingly to persevere in the defense of its autonomic integrity and in
that of American interes~ts.

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