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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, transmitted to congress, with the annual message of the president, December 4, 1876

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est attention to the amelioration of our finances. This is a right which
the Washington Cabinet, with its high sense of equity, will not fail duly
to recognize, and it is with a feeling of confidence in its friendly disposition
that I hereby beg your excellency, by order of my government, to transmit
to the Hon. Mr. Maynard, minister resident of the United States at Constantinop]e,
the instructions necessary to enable him to enter into negotiations with
the Sublime Porte for a new treaty of commerce.
 The imperial government thinks that it could easily come to an understanding
with such special delegates or commissioners as might be appointed for the
purpose in regard to the manner of apportiomng the duties in question among
the various artIcles of import, and it will seek ~o reconcUe, as far as possible,
the interests of commerce with the exigencies of the treasury.
Be pleased to accept, &c.,
No. 315.
Mr. Fish to Aristarchi Bey.
flTashington, October 4, 1875.
 SIR: I have the honor to acknowledgethereceipt of your note of the 29th
ultimo, giving certain reasons why your government desires a cessation of
the effects of existing treaties of commerce with foreign nations, of which
~lesire you had previously given notice in your note of 15th January, 1874;
and in reply, I do myself the honor to state that the subject-matter of your
note will be promptly communicated to the minister resident of the United
States at Constantinople, and that your proposition will receive from this
Government that consideration which its importance demands.
Accept, &c.,
No. ~316.
Aristarchi Bey to Mr. cadwalader.
Washington, June 1, 1876. (Received June 1.)
 SIR: By my note of September 29, 1875, (No. 1661,) I had the honor to inform
the Department of State of the decision of the Sublime Porte to raise the
duties on important articles to 20 per cent.
 I now beg leave to infornt you that the imperial government intends to enforce
this new measure in three months from May 1, Th76, at the latest. it reserves,
in its confident hope of an understanding on this subject with foreign powers,
the adoption, by common consent, of a method of apportioning these import
 The treaties of commerce, as they have been concluded with foreign countries,
so far from improving the financial condition of the Ottoman

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