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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Executive documents printed by order of the House of Representatives. 1872-'73

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                               BRAZIL.                              67
received this evening from the minister of foreign affairs, by which it
will be seen that Mr. Correia informs me that Her Highness the Princess
Imperial Regent,/in the name of the Emperor, has been pleased to ap-
point the Baron de Itajuba, now the Brazilian envoy, &c., in France to
be a member of the tribunal of arbitration, under the first article of the
treaty of Washington, (of.May, 1871.)
  The Baron de Itajuba" is over sixty years of age, was educated for
bar, was professor of law in one of the schools in this empire, and he has
been for more than twenty years resident in Europe as envoy to Prussia
(where he married) and France. He has never served in, or lived in,
England, and, from what I can learn, is a gentleman of learning, impar-
tial disposition, excellent good sense and judgment. He has the com-
plete confidence of the Emperor, who, of course, made the appointment,
although it is communicated to us as having been made by the Princess
Rtgent in his name. I do not know of any Brazilian who could have
been chosen whose reputation for fitness and fairness would be better
than that of Baron de Itajuba.
   I hope it may be as acceptable in Washington, as it is certainly well-
approved here.
       Yours, &c.,
                                         JAMES R. PARTRIDGE.
                                                      September 23, 1871.
  In compliance with the promise expressed in my note of the 25th of last
month to
  Mr. James R. Partridge, envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary
of the
  United States, I have the satisfaction to announce to him that her highness
  Princess Imperial, Regent, in the name of His Majesty the Emperor, has
seen fit to
  appoint the Baron de Itajubd, of the council of His Majesty, and now his
envoy extraor-
  dinary and minister plenipotentiary in France, member of the tribunal of
  to which the governments of the United States and Great Britain are to
submit, in
  conformity with the stipulations of the treaty signed in Washington on
the 8th of
  May of the present year, all the reclamations generally known as the "Alabama
  In making this communication to Mr. Partridge I avail myself of this opportunity,
  with pleasure, to reiterate the assurances of my high consideration.
                                        MANOEL FRANCISCO CARREIA.
                                 No. 46.
 No. 15.]                            UNITED STATES LEGATION,
          Rio de Janeiro, &Setember 28, 1871. (Received November 3.)
   SIR: Asking your reference to my No. 13 of the 23d instant, in rela-
 tion to the appointment of the Baron de Itajubd as one of the arbitrators
 at Geneva, I beg to add the following statements in regard to him, for
 your information.
   Marcos Antonio de Arauigo (now Baron de Itajuba,) was professor of
 commercial jurisprudence in the law-school of Oliuida, (now called the
 Faculty of Law of the Recife,) in the province of Pernambuco.
   He resigned this place, and was sent in 1834 as consul-general of
 Brazil to Hamburg, where he remained some sixteen or seventeenl years,
 and where he married a lady of fortune.
   In 1852 he was named envoy extraordinary and minister plenipoten-

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