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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1958-1960. American Republics

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List of Persons
    Editor's Note: The identification of the persons in this list is generally
limited to
circumstances and positions under reference in this volume. All titles and
positions are
American unless there is an indication to the contrary. Where no dates are
given, the
official held the position throughout the period covered by this volume.
Achilles, Theodore C., Ambassador to Peru until January 1960; Counselor of
    Department of State from March 1960
Acosta, Eduardo, Minister and Petroleum Counselor of the Venezuelan Embassy
in the
    United States, April 1958-January 1959
Adair, Charles W., Jr., Chief, Trade Agreements and Treaties Division, Office
of Interna-
    tional Trade, Department of State, until June 1958; Director, Office
of International
    Financial and Development Affairs, June 1958-October 1959; Deputy Assistant
    Secretary of State for Economic Affairs from November 1959
Adams, Sherman, The Assistant to the President until November 1958
Alessandri Rodriguez, Jorge, President of Chile from November 3, 1958
Alkmin, Jose Maria, Brazilian Minister of Finance until June 1958
Allen, George V., Director of the United States Information Agency
Allende, Salvador, Marxist Chilean Senator
Anderson, Robert B., Secretary of the Treasury
Aramburu, Major General Pedro Eugenio, Provisional President of Argentina
    May 1, 1958
Arcaya Rivero, Ignacio Luis, Venezuelan Foreign Minister from February 13,
Arey, Hawthorne, Director of the Export-Import Bank of Washington
Barnes, Robert G., Special Assistant to the Under Secretary of State for
Mutual Security
    Affairs until March 1958; Special Assistant for Mutual Security Coordination,
    March 1958-July 1959
Batista y Zaldivar, Fulgencio, President of Cuba until January 1, 1959
Beaulac, Willard L., Ambassador to Argentina until August 1960
Bell, John 0., Regional Director for Near East and South Asia Operations,
    Cooperation Administration, until December 1958; thereafter Special Assistant
    Mutual Security Coordination in the Office of the Under Secretary of
State for
    Economic Affairs
Beltrin Espantoso, Pedro G., Director of Peruvian newspaper La Prensa until
July 20,
    1959; thereafter Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, and Minister of
Benson, Ezra T., Secretary of Agriculture
Berding, Andrew H., Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs
Bernau, Phyllis D., Personal Assistant to Secretary of State Dulles
Bernbaum, Maurice M., Director, Office of South American Affairs, Department
    State, until September 1958; Director, Office of East Coast Affairs,
    1958-April 1959; Counselor of the Embassy in Argentina, April 1959-October
    1960; Ambassador to Ecuador from November 1960
Betancourt, Romulo, President of Venezuela from February 13, 1959

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