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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1955-1957. China

United States policy with regard to the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China, January-July 1955,   pp. 1-689 ff. PDF (242.1 MB)

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640   Foreign Relations, 1955-1957, Volume II
reporting that President Chiang has urged the immediate equipment
of three reserve divisions. The divisions to which Chiang has refer-
ence are believed to be three non-supported units, already in being,
to which the Chinese have already diverted much MDAP equipment,
contrary to the understanding with which aid was furnished and to
United States military recommendations. 5
     I believe that Defense is continuing to work for the modification
of the reserve training plan into something more in accord with
sound doctrine and the needs of Taiwan, and will be prepared to go
ahead with such a modified program, if and when it can be worked
    5Telegram 030119Z from CINCPAC to CNO, May 2, stated that in addition
the ground forces for which U.S. military assistance had been approved, the
ists had a number of units not approved for U.S. assistance, with a total
strength of approximately 55,700, including many ineffective personnel kept
on the
rolls for political reasons. It also reported that, while critical shortages
of equipment
existed in many units approved for U.S. support, including some deployed
on Matsu
and Kinmen, equipment which had been programmed and delivered to meet those
very deficiencies was being diverted to non-supported units. The telegram
as follows:
     "It is recommended that representations be made to Department of
Defense to the
 effect that ChiNat government be approached by appropriate high US officials
 strongly induced to take necessary steps in conjunction with initiation
of NGRC re-
 serve program. As approved by US, to remove US provided equipment from hands
 ChiNat units not approved for US support, to utilize all US provided equipment
to fill
 those ChiNat requirements for which it was intended and to reassign ineffectives
 rently on military roles to appropriate non-military support tasks."
(JCS Records, CCS
 381 Formosa (11-8-48)
 291.     Telegram From the Secretary of State to the Embassy in
          the United Kingdom 1
                                         Washington, July 8, 1955-7:4 7 p.m.
      132. Eyes only Ambassador from Secretary. Personal from Secre-
 tary to Macmillan.
      "I refer to your personal message which I received through
  Roger Makins on June 30 with reference to getting something
  moving in the line of direct talks with Chou En-lai. 2 I am asking
      'Source: Department of State, Central Files, 611.93/7-855. Secret;
Priority. Draft-
  ed, approved, and signed by the Secretary; cleared with EUR.
      2 Macmillan's message was conveyed in a letter of June 30 from Makins
to Dulles,
  which states in part:                                                 Ctne

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