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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1952-1954. Indochina (in two parts)

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  KNIGHT, Ridgway B., Acting Deputy Director, Office of Western European
      Department of State, 1a52; Deputy Director, 1952-1954.
  KNOWLAND, Senator William F., Republican of California; "Member of
the Ap-
      propriations Committee and the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy ; Member
      of the Armed Services C-ommittee, 1952, and the Foreign Relations Commit-
      tee, 1953-1954; Senate Majority Leader, 1953-1954.
  KYES, Roger M., Deputy Secretary of Defense, February 2, 1953-May 1, 1954.
  LABOUISSE, Henry R., Chief of the Mutual Security Agency Mission in France
      July 1, 1953; Director of the Foreign Operations Administration Mission
      France, 1953-1954.
  LA CHAMBRE, Guy, French Minister in Charge of Relations with the Associated
      States from Juiy 1954; French Delegate at the Geneva Conference of
  LACY, William S. B., Director of the Office of Philippine and Southeast
      Affairs, Department of State, to July 1952; theiealter, Counselor of
      in the Philippines.
  LANIEL, Joseph, Prime Minister of France, June 28, 1953-June 19, 1954.
  LANSDALE, Col. Edward G., USAF, Member of the Military Assistance Advisory
      Group in Indochina, 1954; adviser to the armed forces and government
      the State of Vietnam on internal security matters.
  LAY, James S., Jr., Executive Secretary of the National Security Council.
  LE VAN VIEN, Commander in Chief of the Binh Xuyen (Vietnamese sect).
  LEMNITZER, Lieutenant General Lyman L., USA (Major General to- August 1,
      1952), Deputy Chief of Staff for Plans and Research, USA, from August
 LETOURNEAU, Jean, French Minister in Charge of Relations with the Associated
      States until July 1953 ;also served as French High Commissioner in
      china, April 1952-July 19, 1953.
 LODGE, Henry Cabot, Jr., Republican Senator from Massachusetts, 1952; Repre-
     sentative at the United Nations from January 26, 1953.
 LOVETT, Robert A., Secretary of Defense to January 20, 1953.
 MACARTHUR, Douglas, II, Counselor of the Embassy in France to October 15,
     1952; Counselor of the Department of State from March 30, 1953.
 MACDONALD, Malcolm, Commissioner General for the United Kingdom in South-
     east Asia.
 MAKINS, Sir Roger, British Deputy Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs
     to December 30, 1952; Ambassador in the United States from January 7,
 MANSFIELD, Michael J., Democrat of Montana, Member of the United States
     House of Representatives, 1952; Senator (Member of the Senate Foreign
     Relations Committee), from January 1953.
 MATTHEWS, H. Freeman, Deputy Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs
     to October 11, 1953; Ambassador in the Netherlands from November 25,
 MAYER, Rene, Prime Minister of France, January 8-June 28, 1953.
 MCBRIDE, Robert H., Officer in Charge of French-Iberian Affairs, Department
     State, 1952-1954; First Secretary of the Embassy in France, from Septem-
     ber 25, 1954.
 MCCARDLE, Carl W., Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs from
     uary 30, 1953.
 MCCLINTOCK, Robert, Counselor -of Embassy at Saigon from March 10, 1953,
    August 1954; Ambassador in Cambodia from October 2, 1954.
MENDkS-FRANCE, Pierre, French Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs
    from June 19, 1954.
MERCHANT, Livingston T., Special Assistant to the Secretary of State for
    Security Affairs to March 24, 1952; then Deputy Special Representative
    Europe, at Paris, to March 11, 1953; Assistant Secretary of State for
    pean Affairs from March 16, 1953.
MILLET, Pierre, Counselor of the French Embassy in the United States, to
    tember 1954; thereafter, Minister.
MINNICH, L. Arthur, Jr., Assistant Staff Secretary to the President from
    uary 21, 1953.
MOLOTOV, Vyacheslav Mikhailovich, Foreign Minister of the Soviet Union from
    March 1953; Chairman of the Delegation at the Geneva Conference, 1954.
MONTLLOR, Joseph J., Second Secretary and Consul at Phnom Penh, April 28,
    1952-July 6, 1954.

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