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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1952-1954. Indochina (in two parts)

List of abbreviations and symbols,   pp. XV-XIX ff. PDF (1.8 MB)

Page XV

  EDITOR'S NOTE.-This list does not include standard abbreviations in common
usage; unusual abbreviations of rare occurrence which are clarified at appro-
priate points; and those abbreviations and contractions which, although un-
common, are understandable from the context.
AA, anti-aircraft
ABN, airborne
AC, aircraft
AEC, Atomic Energy Commission
AF, Air Force
AFFE, Armed Forces Far East
AFOIN, Air Force Office of Intelli-
AFP, Agence France Presse
ALUSNA, United States Naval At-
ANZUS, Australia, New      Zealand,
  United States
AP, Associated Press
AR, Annual Review (NATO)
ARK, Royal Cambodian Army
ARMA, Army Attache
ARS, Action Rdpublicaine et Sociale,
  French political party
AS, Associated States
ASF, Associated States Forces
ASIC, Associated States of Indochina
13N, battalion
BNA, Office of British Commonwealth
  and Northern European Affairs, De-
  partment of State
C, Office of the Counselor of the De-
  partment of State
CAS, controlled American source
CAT, Civil Air Transport
CBS, Columbia Broadcasting System
CCAF, Chinese Communist Air Force
CCF, Chinese Communist Forces
CF, Conference File
CFM, Council of Foreign Ministers
CG, Commanding General
CGUSAF,     Commanding    General,
  United States Air Force
Chi, Chinese
ChilCom, Chinese Communist
Chi  Commie(s),   Chinese  Commu-
CIA, Central Intelligence Agency
C-in-C, CINC, Commander in Chief
CINCUSAFE, Commander in Chief,
  United States Air Force Europe
  CINCFE, Commander in Chief, Far
CINCPAC,    Commander    in  Chief,
CINCUNC, Commander       in  Chief,
  United Nations Command
circ, circular
cirtel, circular telegram
CNO, Chief of Naval Operations
CO, company
COCOM, Coordinating Committee on
  export controls, located in Paris
Codel, telegram series indicator for
  Congressional and Vice Presidential
  delegation travel
corn, communications
Commie(s), Communist (s)
COMREP, Commissioner-Representa-
ConGen, Consul General
Contel, Consulate telegram
Cotel, country team telegram
CP,   Command    Post;  Communist
CPF, French Communist Party
CSA (CSUSA), .Chief of Staff, United
  States Army
CY, calendar year
DA, Department of the Army
DBP, Dien Bien Phu
DCM, Deputy Chief of Mission
DefMin, Defense Minister
Depcirtel, Department of State circu-
  lar telegram
DEPTAR, Department of the Army
Deptel, Department telegram
Div, division

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