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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1952-1954. Indochina (in two parts)

List of sources,   pp. IX-XIV PDF (1.6 MB)

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    Meetings, International Meetings, the Administration Series, and the
    national File.
Eisenhower Records
     Includes the daily appointment books of President Eisenhower for the
James C. Hagerty Papers
     Papers of James C. Hagerty, Press Secretary to President Eisenhower,
     the years 1953-1961.
White House Office Files
     Several White House office collections, including files of the Office
of the
     Staff Secretary, and Project "Clean Up."
National Archives, Washington, D.C.
JCS Records
    National Archives Record Group 218, Records of the United States Joint
    Chiefs of Staff and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Naval Historical Division, Washington, D.C.
Radford Papers
    The personal papers of Admiral Arthur W. Radford, Commander in Chief,
    Pacific (1949-1953) and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1953-1957),
    presently located in the Operational Archives Branch, Naval Historical
    sion, Department of the Navy, Washington, D.C.
Princeton University Library, Princeton, New Jersey
Dulles Papers, Daily Appointments
    Daily log of the meetings and appointments of Secretary of State John
    Dulles for the years 1953-1959.
Harry S. Truman Library, Independence, Missouri
Truman Papers, President's Secretary's File (PSF)
    Papers of Harry S. Truman as President, 1945-19,53, maintained by his
    personal secretary.
 United States Army Military History Institute, Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania
 Ridgway Papers
    Papers of General Matthew B. Ridgway, Chief of Staff, U.S. Army, August
    1953-June 30, 1955.
                      PART B. PUBLISHED SOURCES
  The following publications, including secondary accounts, were particularly
useful in the preparation of this volume. Citations to additional published
ments, memoirs, and other primary sources are provided throughout the volume
as appropriate. No responsibility is taken by the Department of State for
accuracy of events set forth in unofficial sources.

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