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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1952-1954. Western European Security (in two parts)

II. Attitude of the United States toward the establishment of a European Defense Community,   pp. 571-1113 ff. PDF (220.4 MB)

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nauer said he fully recognized French sensibilities had to be taken
account particularly by Germany.
  Secretary said from standpoint Europe's security presence United
States forces in Europe is deemed very important. United States hoped
to continue this kind of contribution so long as it serves really useful
purpose. Chancellor replied everyone in Germany convinced useful-
ness United States forces in Europe and Germany, adding that rela-
tions between United States forces and German population excellent.
Secretary referred to rumors that in event EDC and development
German forces this would be signal for retreat United States forces
from continent but stated in his opinion reverse is true.
  In answer to Secretary's query regarding paper (United Kingdom-
French draft) 5 which French had given him regarding declaration
on European security, Chancellor said he had examined it and had
some suggestions. He felt text of paper did not adequately reflect
EDC-NATO relationship. He said paper in present form referred to
"strictly defensive character of EDC, of which the forces cannot
be employed except for the protection of the territory of member
states against an armed attack in Europe". This phrase he said did
not take account of (1) where NATO forces not in EDC are attacked;
(2) if an attack is launched against UK or UK forces in EDC coun-
tries; and (3) if other NATO countries are attacked. He made refer-
ence to EDC-NATO protocols and to treaty between UK and EDC.
He said Germans would give their comments to French but felt in
general there should be deletions of existing text to bring it in line
with envisaged relationship between EDC and NATO, and particu-
larly to emphasize its defensive aspects. Secretary agreed paper in
present form needed change.
   In reply question we would receive German comments on German
 elections and formation and status of all-German government, Hall-
 stein replied a short paper would be given to US, UK and French.6
 He added it essential this paper be amplified by oral explanation since
 conflicting views within different German ministries made it impossi-
 ble to sum up entire situation in paper. He envisaged Dr. Grewe would
 be present in Paris during tripartite working group meetings so he
 could give oral explanations as required.
 Secretary expressed personal agreement on desirability Dr. Grewe's
 presence Paris, but United States would have to consult with UK
 and French before giving definitive reply. He again emphasized
 United States desire have closest possible contact and cooperation with
 Chancellor Adenauer. Chancellor expressed great appreciation and
   5 Not found in Department of State files.
     Shepaper under reference has not been identified further.

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