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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1951. Asia and the Pacific (in two parts)

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              Department of State Policy Statement 2
SECRET                            [WASHINGTON,] February 21, 1951.
                            A. OBJECTIVES
  Our objectives with respect to Afghanistan are its continued exist-
ence as an independent state, with further integration of its diverse
peoples; the maintenance of stable government; improved Afghan
relations with Pakistan and Iran; and the encouragement of social,
political and economic progress which will further strengthen present
Afghan orientation toward the western democracies and away from
the USSR.
                             B. rOLICIES
  The ruling oligarchy in Afghanistan has maintained a stable gov-
ernment for twenty years, and, although it governs with almost
.autocratic authority, is permitting increasing diversity in expres-
sions of political opinion. Our policy is to contribute to the Govern-
ment's stability by assisting in its plans for the economic and social
development of the country, by encouraging governmental moves to
meet the incipient democratic aspirations of literate elements in the
population, and by encouraging the development of realistic foreign
policies which adequately reflect Afghan needs and capabilities.
  While US prestige in Afghanistan declined in late 1949 and early
1950, when the Afghans surmised that US interest in their country
was not substantial, this trend appears to have been halted, and
Afghanistan has renewed its cultivation of US friendship in accord-
  For related material, see pp. 1650 ff., and pp. 1929 ff.
  2Department of State Policy Statements comprised a category of documents
summarizing the current United States policy toward the relations of principal
powers with, and the issues and trends in a particular country or region.
Statements were intended to provide information and guidance for officers
missions abroad. They were generally prepared by ad hoc working groups in
responsible geographic offices of the Department of State, were referred
to the
appropriate diplomatic missions abroad for comment and criticism, and were
periodically revised.

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